Heros Hit Specials

This has nothing to do with what type of hit or damage a hero deals to an opponent, but more along the lines of time and visual that takes place during! Something needs to change for some of these heros specials. Ive came across a few heros that make using them irritating and their special gets in the way more then help! Let me explain issues before i get trolled over! Lol. A couple heros and their issues: (Inari) during titan hits im unable to make a move until her little fox minions are done adding whatever they are doing on the screen between each move. (Alice/Mitsu/Isarnia/"& im sure others") their special effect or animation happens right in the middle of the board making it impossible to see what move you can make next. (Atomos) effect takes forever reguardless lol! Ill stick with those mentioned and let others add their hero issues below. Anyways can these be looked into? Can they be made to happen faster, can they be moved up over the titan itself or made more translucent so we are able to plan our next move faster? All this costs us players precious time when it comes to titan hits and as we all know every second counts!

I wouldn’t mind an update. Too many have a useless seal before they attack (Lianna, Magni, Joon at least). In that regard, many 4* skills are better. Longer animation does not make the graphics better.

I can’t stand the animations for magni Wilbur etc. Don’t need it and when I’m in a titan fight get it out of the way

Musashi was my 1st 5*. Stopped using him because I could make a sandwich waiting for his special to complete.


That’s a thing annoying me in Titan fights also. And in special events, where a timecounter is in, it does affet time also.
Should be deactivated in all fights with timecounters.

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I agree, anything blocking sight of the board should be able to be toggled off/on

100% animations should be turned off for the titan from BOTH sides as they can waste at times up to 20 seconds (varies depending on heros and titan of cause) that’s a lot when a timer is in play.

Calculate that over 3 hits x 30 players equals to around 30 mins of striking time and that’s only 1 set as there is at least 2 sets per titan so really 1 hr of play is lost per titan.


Ill agree with the titan animation taking to long as well! That green queen takes nearly 5 seconds or more for it to get done. If you wanna charge me another $19.95 to speed this crap up, by all means ill pay for it! Lol… just had a 60K titan hit that could of easily been another 10K if i didnt have to wait for the titan to finish his useless strobe light effects!

That’s actually not a bad idea you know.
Add a shop a option to cancel all animations for the next 5 titans for 100 gems.

Great incentive for SG and it then becomes an available option fir everyone.

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