Heros gain power as they age

S1 heros are being degraded in relative power by new season heros.

Introduce an age multiplier.

You got Magni in 2018, well your Magni gets a 1% bonus in 2019 on its actual defence, attack and health, in 2020 it’s 2%. Every hero birthday boosts the hero stats another 1%.

So long held heros gain strength.

The % boost per year is ontop of level hero is at, costume etc. The more maxed out and older the hero the more it gains.

At least then long term players S1 heros don’t become irrelevant.

Apply this to all heros but perhaps small giant know when we got our heros and can backdate the change to the current rosters.


this system won’t become fair gameplay

I agree with what you say right at the very beginning of your post. That S1 heroes are being outclassed by the new series heroes and event heroes being introduced.
The fact that they (S1) form the majority of pulls from the portals makes matters worse.
By the time that the new stuff arrives as detailed in the 2022 sneak peak, I am not sure if many S1 heroes will be relevant anymore.
But not sure if or how it can be balanced within the game

I’m afraid that ship has alerady sailed, wrecked and sunk at the bottom of the ocean…

Hmmm, I’ve been playing almost 4 years. I now have had Magni for just over a week. This wouldn’t help him at all, he would be terminally weaker than every other Magni I face. Yeah, that’s balanced :man_shrugging:


Yes but the heros you have from 4 years ago gain.

Magni is good but there are better S3 heros and they have costumes on the way. You can costume Magni and limit break him but he is still S1.

What do you suggest to keep S1 heros relevant ?

Magni is great btw and has been core to my main team for over 2 years.


To be fair, the date of birth of any heroes should be the day they were born IN THE GAME, not when a player GOT them. Or the title should be “Long-time players’ heroes gain power as they age”.

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I think all the S1 heroes should gain equally rather than based on how long I’ve had them. And there are some S1 heroes that need this far more than others.

Costumes were one way to keep S1 heroes relevant (at a cost, naturally, this is SGG after all). But that has now been negated with the costumes coming out for everyone, putting S1 heroes back to square one.

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@nevarmaor a reasonable view.

So any ideas how to keep S1 heroes relevant ?

At the moment small giants’ current approaches aren’t a sustainable answer.


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I think the question is what do you mean by relevant?

My bench is primarily S1 and I sit quite comfortably in the 2500-2700 cup range. I am usually in the top 3 in my alliance in wars, often top. But I have no ambitions to be at the apex of the game. I play this game for enjoyment and stress relief, not for domination and the accompanying stress creation. Are my S1 heroes relevant to me? Yes. Are they relevant to being at the top of the game? No. And they haven’t been (except for certain costumes) for a long time now. It is not to SG’s benefit to keep S1 heroes relevant to the top of the game. That cuts into their bottom line. Until that changes I do not see it happening, no matter how many times (and there have been lots) we here request it.

Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t welcome it. I was mainly pointing out here that basing the improvement on how long I have had a hero on my bench is not IMHO fair overall. And I have had Lianna for about 3-1/2 years now.

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To be fair. I would say your bench is primarily costumes.

Of your 31 max’d 5*, 35% are not S1
And 35% of your S1 have costumes.
That’s a very high amount!
Lucky you

Leaving less than a third of your many 5* to be flat S1.
Looks like you have some 3.7’s with costumes too.

I think it could be interesting of a game where older heroes are powerful.
The ancient ones, being things of legend.

But this system would be pertinent that they not be made available. And as older players retire, their legends become myth.

And then one day an old player returns to visit and terrifies all the newby big spenders.

Wouldn’t make much money…

Definitely not how this game works

I agree that if this was a feature implemented it would have to be based on birth in game not on pull. Costumes are little more than a gimmick now that they’ve been introduced everywhere.

So, I can speak clearly to the S1 costumes losing ground as the non-S1 costumes move in. Plus, half of my costumed 5* heroes rarely see the light of day. I prefer plain old Domitia to either c.Quintus or c.Obakan, and plain old Marjana gets first choice over C.Azlar.

I do tend to rely heavily on my 4* costumes.

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