Hero's coming bk onto field [SOLVED: The example in question is a Talented Fighter with Revive]

No hero tht brings a killed one bk, yet 3x now iv had a team like this, whr heros iv killed go into a ghost form thn come bk

Was it Colen who came back? He’s a Talented Fighter, which means he has the ability to revive himself:


Revive frm which hero, none of them off tht as a special,
like mother north dose,

Talented Fighters have that ability themselves. They can revive after dying.

It’s part of the new Talents added in Version 18.

Fully maxed heroes can be further upgraded to add a skill particular to their Class.

In Colen’s case, that’s Revive for himself.

You can tell Colen is Talented in your screenshot because of the numbers above his ascension chevrons.

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check the talent grid for the red hero Colen. you can check other player’s talent grid if they added talents to their heroes.

Whys this been added, jst like the talent quests, they no good, with half the heros they allow you to use as always about 1k to 2k less thn 2nd lvl says suggested strenth

The Class Trials are related to this — they’re one of the ways to get the Emblems used to upgrade a hero with new Talents and increases to their attack, defense, and health stats.

It’s a new way to further upgrade your heroes.

But it takes time to be able to take advantage of it. You have to max the hero, and it will take months to get enough Emblems to unlock their entire Talent Grid.

You’ll have an easier time with the Class Trials over time, as you level up heroes more. They’re meant to be challenging, partly because you’re limited to using heroes from the Classes for each Trial.

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