Hero's class - effects on raiding

Hello everyone I’m wondering if the new class features mean to stay away from maxed out hero’s when raiding ??

I renamed your post to try to focus the discussion.

First, you won’t be seeing maxed +20 heroes any time soon. In another thread the estimate of time to max a 5* is ranging from one to three years. If you’re mostly facing 4* heroes, divide that number by three.

Also remember that you’ll be getting your own emblems at the same time as everyone else, so you can be ramping up your heroes’ abilities.

But, yes, if you run across a high-talent defense, and you don’t have similarly powered-up heroes, think hard. A 4+20 hero is effectively as tough as a maxed 5*. A talented 5* is going to be incrementally tougher than a 5+0.

Also learn about which heroes have which abilities. Some class abilities are fairly minor (Barbarian Wound, e.g.) and probably won’t change your decision about whether to raid or which heroes to bring. Others, such as Cleric’s Manashield, might suggest a change in your offense (in that example, the value of mana control heroes like Proteus or Hansel goes down).


I think it’s simply a “We’ll see when we get there” deal. Guin witha lvl 30 troop is still max 4 tiles with a purple team. Doubt it will make it to 5 tiles.

Years ???
So I temporarily stop with the 5* and start leveling all 4* that I actually have most materials I always thought that the time it takes to get a 5* hero to level3/ 70 is enough to meanwhile get the materials I was wrong lol got Natalya at 3/60 but still out 2 rings so you recommend leveling all 4* until I have all materials to ascend 5* ??

My general advice is to work on 4* until you have a clear path to fully ascending a 5*. There are some exceptions—healers, mostly, or heroes with crazy-good specials like Athena or Hel.

But the “years” is not about getting a 5* to 4/80, but rather getting it to +20. No need to wait until you have gobs of emblems.

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