Heros attacking when should be dead

Raids recently have attacked heros and their health is at 0 yet still attack on their turn.

Posting screenshots or videos is really helpful when trying to figure out what is going on in these situations.


Hard to as it happens on phone. I only have 2 hands lol

You can download a free screen recorder that you can record all things that happen on your screen.

the iPhone comes with one in the newest iOS.


Yes I have it now but at the times its happening I’m not paying attention. I just thought they were low on health lol

Could be possible they were Fighters, and their Revive talent activated

I’ve been burned by Misandra, Kingston, Elena – their skill is charged, I kill them, only to have them revive the next turn and still burn me with their skill.


I’m still getting used to the revive talent, and I hate the fact that they can charge, be “dead” come back and heal and hit me again. I just have to trust that my teams are equally frustrating to face.



Merge time!!

@Mclovin3, your frustrations are understandable, but much to the chagrin of the occasional decimated offense, riposte by a dying enemy is simply another element in the game that we as players must learn to overcome.

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They may have only 1 HP left.

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Both times today it was zeline

If it was Zeline then as others have mentioned, a screenshot would be very useful to have here.

Well I’m sure itll happen again so I’ll try to be quicker on the trigger

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