Hero's Acended & titan final kill notification


As we chat amongst teammates in alliences one common question that cones up is how our heros are going.

The allience board displays a message when we go up a level in XP.

  1. What do you think about it displaying a message when you ascend a hero.

  2. Also displaying a message on the board of who ever does titans final kill.

I would like the announcement of the killing blow. I think announcing every hero ascension would clutter up the chat

Lol, maybe but how fast do you ascend heros?
I wanna know your trick, lol

Maybe then at least the final ascending.

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I like these ideas. I see @NPNKY point about possibly cluttering up the chat room. Maybe just when you ascend with unfarmable mats? Always fun to be able to see your alliance grow and succeed. I think a few extra notifications about little accomplishments like that would be fun :slight_smile:

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I like that idea about ascension. No need to tell it all. Or even when you finish maxing a hero.

IE. “insert name” has just maxed “hero name”

It would be a nice little addition.

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Just to add.

Doing the above suggestion could help a player grow as if other alliance members know they may be able to help optimize the use of the said maxed hero. Maybe said hero would be a great addition to war defense or titan killing in which said player did not realize.

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That is correct, we level our heros and no one knows about it unless it comes up in conversation.

Every allience gas at lease 2 or 3 members that keeps track of the rest of team to help them out. Having this notification would greatly help those members assist the upcoming members with (as you said) helping them incorporate newly ascended heros into current teams.

Plus a few more notices on accomplishments I feel wouldn’t hurt the game and these small additions would be welcomed by all I think.