Heros 101 grid

Hi i was looking at my heros . I have a lot but only 4 out of 30 r able to b taken to the talent grid. What I think isnt fair people lucky enough can get full power and beat us and we cant go any further. Something needs done for real

@Moss, Once you level up your skills to 8/8 the talent grid will be available. There are lots of threads and discussion on how to do this efficiently.


Level them up by using same color 1* and 2* heroes until they’re maxed.

When your hero is at their max level, but their skill is not, you can still level them up with same color heroes. This increases the chances of their skill leveling up greatly. If you give them 10 1* heroes of the same color at this point, it’ll be guaranteed to level up.

That will unlock the talent grid.


Everybody has access to the talent grid for each and every hero when that hero reaches maximum level and 8/8 on their special. There’s no luck involved, other than the random chance to level a special. But even if a hero is at max level with a special less than 8/8, you can keep leveling the special.

Is your issue that your heroes are not yet maximum level, or that they aren’t at 8/8 on their specials yet?

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My problem is ascending cant get what I need to get to the talent grid. I have even buy things that have them but dont get the🤔

It takes time, a lot of time…

The non-farmable Ascension Materials drop randomly from things like titans and chests, and there can certainly be a lot of variation because of that. Most people have some AM that they’re short on.

Here are the free sources out there:

Rare quests are one of the best guaranteed sources. So, for instance, make sure you get your Trap Tools and Tabard from Morlovia. It’s up right now.


If you’re talking about buying the packs in the store, they only offer a chance at non-farmable AM. They’re a really bad deal, in my opinion. If you want to buy AM, purchase one of the periodic special offers that come with gems and ascension items. Those tend to be the best deals, and they’re guaranteed.


Thanks I just got one of the things I need by going back to Missions i have already done on the hard boards.i rreally do like this game because u have to use ur mind lol

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