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I have no issues.

blablabla for 20 characters

Normally if I log out, close and restart it works for me.

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Have you tried reloading the page? (usually F5 will do the trick)

I’m getting the exact same problem. If I try to load any of the images in a separate tab I get a message that imgur can’t display the image because it is broken. Refreshing or reloading the images doesn’t help.

EDIT: changing where my VPN connects to from Canada to Vietnam solved the issue. Apparently imgur has blocked off a bunch of IP addresses.

We don’t have secondary costumes in Heroplan yet and here SGG comes with third costumes.

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EnPluzz (tools) on the way, hopefully coming soon, but definitely on the way to fix this :grimacing: In the meantime, you still have the data vault spreadsheets for looking for heroes statistics and all.


Twice now in the past week or so all the Holy/Yellow heroes in my Levelling Plan disappeared from the Plan. They’re still in the main hero list, just no one in my Holy/Yellow Levelling Plan anymore, all the other color heroes are still there.

The first time it happened I thought maaaaybe it was something I did and chalked it up to a glitch. But now that it’s happened a second time it seems like a bug. Has anyone else seen this?

It’s been happening again and again for a long time.

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An old and well known bug. Happens every now and then. Empties the levelling plan in a random color. Seems to cluster sometimes (happens often more than once in close succession and then not again for a long time) Nothing else though, so not a big deal.

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I cannot register on the website. Entering data and confirming results in a blank screen, no response, no instructions. There is nothing in the email either.

Hello Heroplan users readers/builders!

I really love the website, but in the war defense section, im missing arrow wars. Is that something that can be added? I dont understand anything with coding and so on, so i have no idea if its something easy or hard to make it happen.

With regards hama

Minor change: I noticed today that Numbskull is listed as a Kalevala hero. He’s actually from Monster Hunters, or whatever they are calling them now.

Numbskull is from the Abyss Hunter family.

There are now 3 families from Monster Island: Abyss Hunter, Jungle Hunter and Plains Hunter instead of the original Monster Hunters.

Side Note: Wonder when we will see Monster Island again? :thinking:

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That would be awesome, but the game would probably ban you for a while if an external app tries to read the data. I know some games do

Hold my beer! :rofl:

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We’ve been asking for this sort of functionality for literally years, it was highly unlikely back then and getting even less likely all the time - it’s not going to happen :cry:

We also would have liked to be able to download Titan and war logs.


Only two I see missing