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Thank you. Saw that. It’s not quite to the point where that works, the data has been extracted but heroplan itself still pulls the data internally. I had it about 80% complete before my life went a bit crazy.

I’ve just updated what heroes I can. I don’t have the secondary costumes in yet, and no ETA for them. Will still have to think about how to actually implement it.


Grace is showing up like this for me, not sure if I’m the only one? (Red S5 hero in the Green column)


I have the same problem

Yeah, all the info is correct, just wrong character profile pic. Has Sekmet’s portrait.

Just checked, Sekhmet has the correct pic :slight_smile: So they didn´t get flipped.

Thanks for all your hard work, @GDIBass! I can’t imagine how much work this site takes, with all the new heroes coming out at the recent pace. Thank you.

Wishing you all the best, and a speedy recovery.

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Whoops, used the wrong image link. Should be fixed now!


Thank you for doing this!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for the updates GDI and I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having health issues. The fact that you’ve continued to update things for so long is massively appreciated.

I understand that whole new features are unlikely, but I was wondering how viable it would be to add a new teams section for W3K? So basically just like the existing war attack but consisting of 12 teams rather than 6. I have found a very crude workaround across 2 pages and using emblem focus (or lack of) as an identifier but it’s proving harder to keep track of than my brain can manage :joy:

Grace got fixed! Thank you thank you! :heart:

More new heroes:

From covenant

From Styx:



Thanks for all your work on this tool!!! I click on the ad every time I use it, hope it helps.

Also a new set of Styx troops :slight_smile: