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Good afternoon @GDIBass! I hope all is well! Thanks for all the hard work and I apologize ahead of time for giving you more! They added another hero today to the 3kindom portal:

Cao Cao - 5* Ice Hero - 🐼 Cao Cao – 5* Ice / Blue from War of the Three Kingdoms - #25 by Elioty33

Can you please add him to the database? Thank you!

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I actually am also working on my own database with automatic updates but I already have a few bits. That’s why I can share heroes stats at any level (figured out the math for stats progress upon level up and ascending). :blush:

New hotm: Tahir

Oh and I found a little error in your database: Costume Wilbur is listed as a Sorcerer, but he is actually a Cleric :slight_smile:


Oops, it did it again. Logged in, entered some leveling progresses, recognized that green leveling plan was gone.

Leveling plans vanish very often for me. I therefore currently do not really use them and just enter some arbitrary hero for each color. It doesn’t make sense in my opinion trying to use that feature for real as long as the bug isn’t fixed.

Thanks for all the pings. I’ve had a pretty rough few weeks with everything and haven’t been able to put any time at all into HeroPlan. I’ll try to get the new heroes added tonight.


Thank you @GDIBass I’m just discovering this tool and it’s great. But, am I missing it or is there no place to add their skill level or to add a maxxed level hero to the levelling plan if their skill is not at level 8 yet?

Also how do I undo it if I accidentally marked that I had a costume for a hero when I do not?

Thank you

My levelling up plan disappeared for a few colors while I was adding all of my heroes, emblems, etc without ever logging out… I was active on the site as well, so I wasn’t timed out.

Thanks for the time and effort you put into this really good tool @GDIBass

Heroplan does not support hero‘s skill levels. Just assume they always are maxed. Thus, if a hero‘s skill level isn’t maxed yet, you can’t put them to your leveling plans.

Regarding leveling plans in general: they are currently buggy (see all the messages above), so my advice is to not put much effort into those until this is fixed.

If you accidentally marked a hero to have the costume, you have to delete that hero and enter it again.

I deleted him 3 times, still anytime I add him it shows me having the costume. It’s Bane, who is pretty common and I have 5 costume pulls for next month, so maybe it will solve itself?

Thank you regarding skill levels, I wasn’t sure if I’d missed how to manipulate them.

If they haven’t happened already, best of luck on your move and the upcoming interviews as well, @GDIBass ! Didn’t know when they are/were in August, just catching up on this thread also. I don’t play this game anymore either, but when I did, I truly appreciated all the time and effort that you put into this tool and how user-friendly it was. Thank you for making it, and solving my problem (a couple years back about display of troops) so quickly! Hope the rest of the month is not so rough on you. Best of luck once again!

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You have to go to Profile → My Costumes → delete the costume.

I did this by accident once and it took me forever to figure out, lolz.


I am using a workaround in case I want to add a hero with max level, but not max skill: I just put the hero in at 3-49 instead of 3-50. That way I can keep it in the queue until the skill is finished.

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Thank you @Control_Freq & @Gargon for the tips :). For now, it turns out that that particular hero is low priority after summoning some that I want to work on more… So I’ll just bump him if I’m stuck with 10 level 1 or the equivalent (he’s now 1 away from skill 8).

So now my only issue is not being able to include Tahir (and disappearing leveling plans)… toying with the idea of seeing if there’s a red ranger with similar stats but for now using a different one as a placeholder while using the Teams tab to plan out my Legends and war teams (THAT is a great tool for both folks with a huge roster and people like me who’ve only been playing since June and can only make it so far on quests like Legends, so planning is key!)

I’ve still got my own spreadsheet, so I’m using that as well (I added the PoV planning spreadsheet to it and my building plans/costs/available builds along with the calendar of events and my hero/emblem/token/recruits inventory/stats and priorities are at the top of that sheet.

TY again GDIBass!

Reading that you play the game since just two months let me give you an advice (because I made the same error as well when I pulled my first 5*, Heimdall): Do not focus on 5* heroes too early!

Try to build a solid base of 3* and 4* heroes first. At your level maxing a 5* hero will bind resources for several months! In that time you can level a lot more lower level heroes. These will help you in those 3* and 4* tournaments (which appear more often than 5* tournaments), thus gathering more resources.

I know it is tempting to get this good hero (and Tahir definitely is worth working on - later) and wanting to use him. But this is a game of patience - in nearly all aspects.

Enjoy the game!


Oh, absolutely! I’m trying to bring him up to where my red 3s are so he’s a sub… Junaid is 4 that i did the last ascension for and Gormek 4* is ready to do it if I get 2 more hidden blades… but if Tahir is ready at the same time I may let them bump up with one set of them… no idea yet :slight_smile:

So far Tahir is my only 5 and I really wasn’t expecting that! Working to get 4* final ascension items stockpiled and if I happen to be strong enough to do the quests for the 5* final ascension items and have spare energy I will but for now I think it’s just out of reach so I’ll pretend any 5s that I get are just 3-4* in my head until I happen to have their ascension items handy… But at a lower priority for leveling than a solid squad of 3s and 1-2 4s/element at this point, I think.

Tahir didn’t fit on my team planning and a few have leveled up since… I am working to make each team a little stronger than the level they will compete on and I think this will be the placement but not sure yet. I’ll do Tavern of Legends on the last day, aiming for 5 levels of it and setting timers so I’ll have and use the energy when it’s available and before the quest ends. I won’t earn a free pull but hopefully next time it comes around I will :). There’s a few past legendary HotMs that I want for personal nostalgia and they aren’t in there now as featured, so I’m not in a rush to use that summons.

Tahir, I’m planning on putting in at Stage 3 where Jahangir is hanging out… They are now at level 1:30, 468 overall power and skill #3. Priorities to level until Tavern ends are Dark: Rigard; Holy: Gan Ju & Chao; Fire: Junaid (& Waqas); Nature: Melendor (& Brienne); Ice: Sonya (& Jott); (If you can’t tell I wanted to play with some of the family bonuses at the lower levels)

Crucial stages in your setup are stage 2 and 3. You do not have a healer in those teams, which might be a problem if the boards are not on your side.

Search the forums for the keywords „color stacking“. You are using rainbow teams for all stages. The advantage is that you more often make a match dealing damage; the disadvantage is that you are doing less damage.

Stage 2 has Athena as the Boss monster. She‘s blue, so if you get enough feeders you might want to level up either By-Ulf or Belith (both are green) and put them into your Stage 2 team instead of the unleveled Ahhotep.

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If I had time I’d be ramping up Belith, but I just drew her with one of the free ad-daily summons, so she’ll be for later. (Unless I wind up grabbing a bunch of green feeders in time… for now Melendor is the only one I can boost on stage 4 and I have shields to ascend him, plus he’s skill 8 uncostumed. After Legends I hope to bump up By-Ulf & Gato as a pair plus Belith as a healer. Pulling her after I plotted my teams is throwing me a little though because, finally another healer/druid…)

Right now I’m more use to rainbow since I didn’t have enough of any one color to play more than 3 and not have them killed off before I found enough tiles… once I get the lower tier guys stronger I’ll start practicing more color stacking. I’m generally prioritizing beefing up my main team and then bringing up my mid and low levels to try to do more in the alliance wars for my team and then i’ll start more on extra teams for the tournaments/bigger event wars.

Between being home with health issues and having an alexa to tell me when different tasks/energy levels are ready, I’m able to get in a lot of the mystic visions and timing things out for full energy when my wanted chests are ready/titans are ready and keep being top 1 or 2-3 in titan battles and doing what I can with whoever we’re paired against in wars. But now that I have enough players for a war, I started to work the maps more to advance/earn summons (just unlocked season 3 at the end of July and season 4 during the valhalla event) instead of focussing on getting adventure kits and battle item crafting materials while upgrading my buildings. (In June I had no clue and just played between other things, then was too weak to keep advancing until i looked things up, like many of you, I’m guessing.). Just hit stronghold 15 so there’s a TON of building to do with the 4 new plots.