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I have noticed I can no longer adjust my leveling plan. Thanks for all you do!

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@GDIBass i still get the error but only with Agrafena. I tried with a bunch of other heros without issue. This, it’s not a big deal since everything else seems to be working perfectly. I’ll play around with other options to see if I run into anything else. Otherwise, things are looking good! Well done with the security updates!

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That’s really strange. I can’t seem to replicate it and I don’t see any errors in the logs. If you hit the issue again with any heroes let me know and I’ll see if we can trace it down.

You may have to log out and back in. It seems to be working ok in my testing, but the update will bump any existing security logins.

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That worked, thanks!

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@GDIBass Hey mate, there’s a new S5 hero that was released today. Could you please add him to the tool when you get the chance? Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Recently I lost all blue heroes from my leveling list.
Today it was all green and all red. While i was online. Logging out and back in didn’t help.
They were all still there in the hero list so I could add them back to the leveling list.

Did you do anything prior to it (reordering heroes or anything?)

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I only added leveling developments. With heroes in every color.

Yesterday I filled my leveling plan with red and green again. Today red was completely gone again right after logging in.

It happened to me a week or so ago, and just happened again now. My yellow and red were completely wiped. All that I could say I did out of the ordinary was complete a hero who disappeared from the list (which is normal).
I also noticed that the website hasn’t been doing the automatic adjustment of AMs as I ascend heroes, even though I have that option selected. All of this has been happening in the past few weeks, has something changed recently?

Yes, I did a big security update recently, which is likely the cause of the issue. I’m prepping another big update to make the whole code base a bit easier for me to manage. I’ll make sure to do some intensive testing on the levelling plan stuff in that update.

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That probably explains the reason why I always have to log in now instead of automatically going to my roster.

@GDIBass one thing I noticed changing recently is that when you add a new hero, it no longer brings up the window to adjust their level etc, it just default addes them in at 1-1.

Not a major thing but a change in the UX


I also faced the bug that one of my levelling lists was gone. For me it was purple. Happened first last week, and again today.

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Thanks, that should be an easy fix.

On the levelling plan issue, if anybody notices one particular trigger please let me know (like adding a hero then logging out and back in).

I’ll take a look at the frequent logins, that should be a pretty easy timer setting.


@GDIBass thank you for your work.

There are 4 different version of ToL. It would be nice if we can set up and save 4 different sets of teams: one set for each ToL.

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just a big applause for the work @GDIBass does


@GDIBass do you have a way to put a Venmo account on your heroplan website? Easier was to send appreciation.



It just happened again that the purple levelling plan vanished.
I updated my heroes today morning, all was fine - without explicitly logging out. Came back after a few hours, had to login again, and the levelling plan was gone.
So, it seems as if it’s somehow linked to the login process.

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