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That makes sense. The under max level powers are estimates, not exact. I think I know what’s going on with costumes. I also don’t think I have a good way to calculate stats differences for less than max heroes, so right now it shows max stats. I’ll update the sheet to specify as much.

Pushing an update now, should be live in 15 or so.

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Thank you, @Rasputim . I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


I agree, ever since I found heroplan, it has been so valuable to track everything.
Great work, and very much appreciated!


But in the case of the unleveled and partially leveled heroes, you’re returning maxed attack/def/hp. Wouldn’t it make more sense to return maxed power as well? (I can calculate power if I need to, so it wouldn’t block anything I want to do, but seems more consistent.)

Those look good now. Correct costumes are showing as present for me, with correct ascensions and stats for the ones I checked. In the costume stats, there is no Maxed/estimated power column - could that be added as well to keep it consistent with the base hero?

Thank you for all the work on this!!

Thinking more. I think what I’d love to see for all stats:

  • Unleveled/Partially leveled - consistent values. Would love accurate values but recognize that’s not easy or maybe even possible, estimates for everything would work too. All maxed values would be fine. Mixed estimates/maxed is less useful.
  • Maxed, no LB/no emblems - Maxed values
  • Emblems - Accurate values reflecting the chosen emblem nodes
  • LB - if a formula can be discovered, accurate values.
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I found some app that have all…orginal,with costume,with LB,with emblems…i tried every combination and all stat numbers are OK….maybe that app helps to get formula out….i have short video how it looks and works…if someone is interested

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Here you go:

All pre-costume bonus and troop modifiers & emblems.

I spent a lot of time testing it during beta.


Oh cool! I saw that, but I think I didn’t realize it was pre-costume/pre-emblems, so when I checked to see the numbers didn’t match what I was comparing to. I assumed it had subsequently changed. Thank you, @Guvnor !

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Hrmm, yeah. Otherwise I could return both.

Hrmm, thanks. The power calculations seem strange…

Thats base stats (i.e. attack, def & HP)

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I have 3 heroes currently that are limit broken with their +5 levels and have no costumes/emblems. Using @Guvnor’s factors, all attack/def/hp values are right on or off by 1 from the card values. Using those to calculate power (using the formula here) also results in all three powers either matching the game or off by 1.

Thank you, @Guvnor!

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I want to mention an error. Costume Wilbur is Cleric class and not a Sorcerer.
Keep up the good work. Thanks !

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Sorry @GDIBass this was my problem.
I have added the incorrect class to the Costume Wilbur topic.
I have now adjusted that.

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Just bumping cuz couldn’t find any reply :frowning:

Unfortunately changing the names is something that’s not going to be do-able. There is the notes feature where you can take notes on teams.

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I just noticed an error on Sanngrior in heroplan. He’s showing as boosting health of all allies, when he actually just does nearby:

Thank you so much for developing this tool, I use it all the time. Really appreciate the work you e put into it, I know it’s got to be a tremendous amount of time.

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@GDIBass heads up there’s a new gargoyle challenge event with 7 new heros (plus the 2 previously released)

3* - Budatin (purple), Soroca (blue)
4* - Kalø (green), Bellerive (yellow)
5* - Goseck (purple), El Duque (red), Arco (green)

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@GDIBass As always, thank you for all the hard work keeping Heroplan updated and working! Much appreciated! There are new heros from the Gargoyles’s event portal. Here are the new Heros’ Threads:


@GDIBass Thank you for adding the Gargoyle event heros to the database! Much appreciated! :wink: