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Would you like some help beyond pinging?


Thank you very much @GDIBass! Excellent work! Much appreciated! :wink:

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Hey @GDIBass! As always I really like this tool/website, but there are 3 things I’d like to suggest.

First one is literally just a visual glitch, but it’s still bugging me a little :laughing:. So for example, if I have my costumed Grimm saved as Grimm with costume bonus in my roster instead, but in teams section on titan teams for example, my Grimm has no mask near him, like if he didn’t have any costume bonus. It’s the same with other heroes, if you have their costume, but you have them saved as hero(es) with costume bonus in player’s roster section instead.

The second thing is a suggestion. It would be cool if we could just change hero which has costume in teams section itself, without changing it in the roster section. So when hero(es) wears/doesn’t wear costume, would be individually saved for both sections.

The third thing is also a suggestion. Adding subsection in Teams for Omega quest teams as there also are Trial quest teams.

Of course, it’s your choice whether you implement my suggestions or not. Thanks for updating the tool, despite the fact that you no longer play the game. Appreciated!

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Доброго времени суток, уважаемые разработчики! Узнала о вашем проекте “HeroPlan” благодаря советам других пользователей, большому количеству положительных отзывов и после прочтения этой темы форума. Попыталась зарегистрироваться около месяца назад, но ничего не вышло. Писала Вам ранее, но ответ в своём электронном почтовом ящике так и не нашла(( Подскажите, пожалуйста, возможно ли зарегистрироваться с мобильного телефона? Спасибо большое за уделённое время и надеюсь на ответ.

English is preferred in this part on the fourm… Translate…

Good day, dear developers! I learned about your project “HeroPlan” thanks to the advice of other users, a large number of positive reviews and after reading this forum thread. I tried to register about a month ago, but nothing came of it. I wrote to you earlier, but I did not find the answer in my email inbox ((Can you please tell me if it is possible to register from a mobile phone? Thank you very much for your time and hope for an answer.

Hey :blush:

Just here to update ya and let ya know that three HOTM costumes were added this past weekend:

Athena, Drake Fong and Alasie

Again, thank you so much for your beautiful website; I’m obsessed :heart::blue_heart:

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Hi @GDIBass!

As @RandaPanduh mentioned, 3 costume heros were added over the weekend. Here are there hero threads:

Costume Athena - Costume Athena
Costume Alasie - Costume Alasie
Costume Drake Fong - Costume Drake Fong

I hope this helps! Thanks again for all your great work! :wink:


@GDIBass It seems that Mr. Pengi from the Christmas Seasonal Summon is still missing. Could you please add him?

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Mr. Pengi is not missing. He’s just there as “Mr Pengi”. See below:

His name is missing the period in “Mr.”


Strange. I tried a couple of times this morning and I couldn‘t find him with „Mr“, „Mr.“ or just „Pengi“. But you‘re right. Now he pops up with „Mr“. I‘m serious, you couldn‘t add him this morning. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for the heads up. Been fighting COVID since about 10 days ago, and don’t have access to my laptop. Should have these updated, along with the 2 newest heroes in a few days.


@GDIBass Thank you very much for the excellent work.
Let everything go for the best in this fight against the covid.


Hey, @GDIBass !
Thank you so much for everything you do for our community. Your work is truly appreciated it! Wish you a fast recovery. :pray:

Not sure if anyone else has mentioned it before, but the skill description for Lady of the Lake Costume is not complete. It is missing the last skill, the minions’ one:

  • Each hit from the Magical Sword Minion gives the following status ailment:
    • The target gets -24% mana generation for 3 turns. This effect can’t be cleansed.

Thank you in advance! :hugs:


Get well soon @GDIBass !!!


Get well soon @GDIBass! I caught it 14 months ago! It kicked my butt, but I got better! I wish you a speed recovery! :wink:


So sorry to hear that! Here I was thinking you were taking some time to enjoy the holidays… get better soon!

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Take really good care of yourself
And get well soon

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Hey @GDIBass,
When will you be able to update the tool to include Viscaro and the new CoK heroes?

Ah, sorry didn’t see the message on your illness. Get well soon!!!

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Hi @GDIBass! I hope you are getting better from your bout with Covid! There are some new Clash of Knights heros that need to be added when you are feeling better. The new heroes are listed below:

I also noticed that there were a couple of new S4 heros added since the last update:

Appreciate all the hard work! Thanks in advance!