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Great tool!

I just noticed that the hero skill is missing from the database. I guess it´s not a big deal, but it will slightly affect hero power if their levels are maxed but have a non-maxed skill. They also disappear from the levelling plan, before they are completely finished.

Congratz again!

Is it possible to filter by family?
It is for new Challenge Festival


Here to remind/bring up:

Costumes for Ursena, Poseidon and Kageburado are missing, although, looks like Ariel’s is up


Didn’t realize they’d gotten costumes! Added


Yes, that’s doable, along with Source. I’ll see if I can find time to do It after Thanksgiving



I guess it would be a somewhat bigger project to add tags?
I mean a way to label your heroes into things like: Healer, Cleanser, Minion, Anti-Minion, Sniper, tank, dispel, DefDown, AttackUp, …
Whatever one can come up with, then those tags could be used by the filter to display all heroes of one (or multiple) of those tags.
Together with the existing filter one could then find blue healers or maxed green snipers etc…

You could even have a few standard tags available, that people can just use checkboxes for and then an option to add more tags. Or just leave it all up to the user to make the tags.


Would it be possible to get the two new heroes from the BF portal added as well? Cheers! :smiley:

Also been meaning to ask out of curiosity; did you build the site using React? I see the logo a lot when loading the heroes page, but I just wanted to confirm :blush:

Will be adding them tomorrow. Yup! Front end is react


I started this a while ago with general tags, but couldn’t figure out a way to do it that I liked. At this point it would be a big project


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