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@Blink0805 I meant just put them to 4/80 in hero plan, not in EP.

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Should be fixed now! Cheers!


i had a dumb moment where i thought you meant “max them in the game so you can max them on the plan and they will be automatically removed” :woman_facepalming:t2: my brain didnt think that if i max them on the list then they will be removed and then after i can bring them back to their actual lvl.

i used the plan yesterday because i have finally maxed Joon and i went in the lvl plan delete the lists and it worked perfectly fine. thank you so much for your hard work.


It took me like 10 mins once I figured out the spreadsheet. Can I make a suggestion to make a template spreadsheet (downloadable or more easily seen?)

I forgot to at 01 and yeah… sigh but it’s all on there now

Thank you I love it!!


So glad this tool is still going strong!

Any timeframe on adding the new magic tower heros?

Thanks :slight_smile:


@GDIBass and team - You are doing a great job keeping up with all of these new heros! Thank you! I only wish I could get ascension materials just as fast! :wink: I have all of these new heros collecting dust while waiting for ascension materials with new heros coming out as soon as the end of the month with the Halloween event! :exploding_head::scream:

Keep up the great work! You don’t always get the credit you deserve! :tada::gift::partying_face::wink:


Added them this morning! :slight_smile:


Thank you! No team, still just me. I don’t really play any more but I pop open the app regularly to add heroes.


Thank you! I really appreciate your work! :wink:


Thank you for all your hard work! I really love using this site! :grin:


You’re really great - thank you for what you’re doing!


Aww. Thank you. I love the tool. Why not play? That made panda sad

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No one reason in particular, I just stopped enjoying the game. I almost stopped working on HeroPlan… I’d asked for some help but few people volunteered (or stuck around after volunteering). I’ve found other ways to motivate myself, and the project has been very rewarding for me, both in terms of seeing responses like these and financially (I’m pretty sure I landed my last job partially because of heroplan).

I still have some work planned for it yet, but I haven’t had the time lately (just moved 1/2 way across the US). I’ll hopefully be able to get back to it as life settles a bit.


… wish I kew how to help…

:heart: thank you again

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Yeah guilty, I wish I’d had the skill set to be able to really help out :pensive:


Is anyone else having issues with the hero speed analysis tool? I just get the loading icon…

Hi @GDIBass! I was updating my roster post my Magic Tower portal pulls and I noticed that D’Andre doesn’t appear to be in the hero database. Am I correct or did I just miss it in the hero search? :thinking:

Thanks for the help in advance! :wink:

since all the tower magic things are up with sorc,druid,wiz,cleric, and ideea is to add a filter for this kind of quests, when you search for heroes

btw, more and more ‘type of heroes’ quests are coming up

thx and keep up the good work


From profile you can choose My Classes and also there is a filter in My Heroes that takes into account the class, the level of ascension, the speed and others

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i agree, but let’s extend to season4 heroes filter, for example
instead of 10 clicks, you do 1, and get what you want

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