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Yeah, that’s expected for now. It’s just outputting input data. I’ll likely be fixing / getting that working with the talent tree tracking.

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Great, I’m really going in and using all the nooks and crannies now that the costume stuff is there, it makes a big difference to keeping good track of everything.

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Is there a chart on how these non maxed ascensions impact hero power?

I’m not sure if you could do a chart since each hero has different numbers, but with the percents I’d imagine it would be programmable to whatever ascension you input for the costume, for example a 5* costume at Ascension 3 gets the 2/2/4/2 boost, so the software does: (attack x .02)+(attack) = attack power, etc. Then when it sees you’re at ascension 4 it changes to (attack x .03)+(attack) = attack power, etc.

of course I say that having no idea how the coding works.

Yeah the stats boosts are easy, it’s the power boost I’m really interested in. Does that follow the same percentage pattern as attack?

Oh sorry I misunderstood lol.

I’m looking around and this link that shows comparisons might be helpful in an extrapolation sense

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Looks like just the maxed stats. I’m interested in what the power levels are if you have a partially leveled costume. I’ll have to pay attention the next time I level a costume.

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I have recorded stats for heroes at different ascension levels. I’ve got about 5000 records, but only 317 for costumes. Near as I could tell, all of the stats are linear within each ascension. So if you have the 1/1, 1/30, 2/1, etc… stats, you’ll be pretty close just dividing by 29 steps in between. The thing that will obviously throw you off is the rounding. (That analysis was for uncostumed, but I’d expect it to be the same for costumes).

If you’d like, I can clean up my spreadsheet and ship it over. But spot checking my method above would hopefully be sufficient to prove it.

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Hrmm, is this the one that @madmarv helps with? I’ve seen that. I’m most interested in the following power:

Hero is maxed (4/80): Costume is 2/1, 3/1, 4/1. Is it the same as the other percentages?

@GDIBass for reference this is the calculation on the Team Power calculation for each hero:

So you do need the data points of the hero stats but if you got that it’s easy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha, I think I’ll stick to approximations… not trying to gather that much data lol

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Nah, I started this spreadsheet when I first started E&P, so it’s my own thing. I hadn’t seen the madmarv sheet.

I’ll check on your question when I find time this week. It’ll be a bit of a pain since you have to back out the costume bonus. If it were x% across all stats, it’d be easy, but since health is a higher bonus, that’ll have a not straightforward impact on power.

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@GDIBass @Guvnor says that those arent all the monks

picture taken from browse heroes > filter “monk”

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Looks like the costumes are missing, is that right @Guvnor ?

Otherwise they all seem to be there.

Not really what I was saying at all. see other thread for more specifics.

@GDIBass; I wasn’t saying that the list was incomplete :slight_smile: just a misunderstanding I think.

I honestly haven’t looked at the “all heroes” section of the database so wouldn’t know.

I don’t even know if this was a question but my experience is each node on the talent grid gives a hero a 5 point power boost, never more, never less.

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IMO, the benefit of the tool is to manage my roster. While there are a ton of what I call “nice to haves” that could be added, the primary goal of the tool is being fulfilled. Calculating team power may be a bit of a reach considering the calculations that would need to be incorporated to make it work. An approximation is perfectly fine as it will not change my game play or decisions one bit. Once again, this is solely my opinion and not in anyway intended to be argumentative. Great job on the tool! I use it daily! :wink:

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Thanks for the great job! After start using your tool, our clan members’ AW scores increased.

İ noticed 2 problems: Boldtusk and Sonya costume bonus stay 3 3 6 3, don’t become full.


First thanks GDIBass.i think all costumed heroes’ have this problem.

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This one should be accurate. All of the maxed heroes (costumes included) should be good to go on power level. Anything below that is an estimate.

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