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Try clearing your cache or logging in on a different device.

Cool. So this dude is available to you guys? Thanks!

I see him on mobile (android and chrome)

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Yes he is available to everybody :slight_smile: The problem is somewhere on your end.

Yep, it was. I wasn’t sure at the time but I appreciate the help and reassurance.

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Back with an updated “missing” list



Roughian & Nurgib

Upcoming: Viselus



Tavern of Legends

C. Perseus

C. Hel

Upcoming: C. Aeron and C. Aegir

In Beta: C. Ares and C. Zimkitha


C. Tarlak

C. Misandra

In Beta: C. Mok-Arr, C. Mitsuko, C. Danzaburo and C. Agwe


C. Thor

Upcoming: C. Frigg and C. Fura

In Beta: C. Odin, C. Tyr, C. Almur, C. Ei-Dunn and C. Nordri







Upcoming: Eset

In Beta: Anubis

Ninja Tower

Upcoming: Amethyst, Oniwakamaru, Ekanite, Serandite and Kinsaishi

Styx Tower

In Beta: Thanatos and Amphitrite

Brave Musketeers



Queen Anne




In Beta: Cardinal Richelieu, Milady de Winter, Constance, Rochefort, Kitty, Felton and Planchet

War of Three Kingdoms

Erlang Shen

Covenant of Champions





Upcoming: Staintongue, Dabria and Greel

In Beta: Sorrow and Numbskull

Contest of Elements (Nature)



Upcoming (Ice): Zengar and Anzia

Sanctuary of Gargoyles



Challenge Festival I

Upcoming: C. Guardian Gazelle, C. Guardian Jackal and Guardian Hippo

Challenge Festival II




In Beta: Celimene and Belladonna

Santa’s Challenge






Lunar New Year

Upcoming: Xiaotu and Laohu

Costume Chamber

C2. Khagan

C2. Isarnia

C2. Magni

C2. Elkanen

C2. Horghall

C2. Leonidas

C2. Vivica

C2. Joon

C2. Obakan

C2. Domitia

C2. Quintus

C2. Kelile

C2. Kiril

C2. Caedmon

Upcoming/In Beta: C2. Justice, C2. Li Xiu and C2. Cyprian


Styx Troops



Class Change from Fighter to Ranger


I personally love the idea listed above, and support having a blank hero option per color, for when a hero has not yet been added. Be even better if we could edit the name ourselves. That way, it would ensure the wait between uploads wouldn’t feel as vast, and help mitigate the stress [for you] of ever surmounting heroes added each week; it’d give us just enough to pacify us, leading to a more patient wait :upside_down_face: As no doubt, the pace of all the new heroes lately is an impossible task to keep up with for one person, esp an ex-player.

Regardless, I appreciate all efforts made nonetheless :purple_heart::green_heart: This website is still my favorite for organized hero roster planning.

& Again, if there’s anything additional we all can do to help, don’t hesitate :kissing_heart: Have a great day! :grin:


This list makes absurdly clear what we already know… heroes are coming out much too quickly. Thanks for keeping track @RandaPanduh . I will patiently wait for my booby prize (Balur) to be added, as he’s the only one I have from this list.


@Noble_Weasel … it looks like you and I have the same luck. Balur is unfortunately, the only hero I have got from this list as well.

Thank you @RandaPanduh for compiling this list as well. That is quite a lot. Personally, I never check out what the new heroes do unless I am facing them in raid tournaments or war.

Have a nice 2023, everyone. Good luck with the RNG in your pulls and loot. Take it easy! :slight_smile:


But will I max him? Eventually. Because that’s who I’ve got to work with. Have even been thinking about a team with him, C. Victor, and Tahir to try and maximize his heal-on-bleed passive. He’s gotta be useful somewhere, right?

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Haha I got quite a few of them :wink: Buster, Zarel, Holly, Garyas, Balur of course The creme de la creme :smiley:

btw Buster is awesome, the only one i got done already, Zarel is getting the occasional feeder, so I will max her eventually, too, the rest: not likely ever.

Plus I got super lucky in December I got my first OP hero Ogima :slight_smile: working on him and then I bought some of those covenant coins or whatever they are called and got Goretooth.
now it will be frugal January, not sure how to get that new hotm… would absolutely love her!


@GDIBass thanks for all the work, but it is clear that this project seems to become an outdated one and I get it and promote it: RL first! (was watching at Dolgoon and saw how much info is outdated/incorrect on a single hero) > nothing lasts forever…

@all anyone has an alternative to this kind of tool - keeping progress of one’s heroes with accurate/updated data? thanks > pls tag me up


It’s a mobile app, but EP Toolbox @BoolzSan_CrewKNIGHTS I like it how you can compare different emblem routes there for example or limit break vs non-limit break stats etc.

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I use it too, but last month it was as much behind with new hereos as heroplan. Caught up mostly now, but R&N are still not there…
And it does not support second costumes yet.

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On the PlayStore, the last update was back in June or July… So it’s outdated based on the last last updated app version.

You know the app could just grab updated data on the internet. The last app update date is irrelevant on that matter.


It seems when I checked that the new Christmas event heroes (Augustus, Buster etc.) and Dec. HotM (Balur) are the latest added heroes in there, so a little over month outdated currently, less than HeroPlan still.

Alright I’ve put a little bit of work into this. I haven’t updated any heroes, but I’ve set it up to work through the heroplan_data repository. I’ve also added a contributing guide.

I have a volunteer that’s looking into getting the data in there. Once it’s loaded I’ll reload the heroes. If anyone else feels like taking a crack at it then feel free.


Thanks, @GDIBass. Really appreciate it, especially after reading your situation and - on top - the fact you do not play anymore. That’s real dedication and so fantastic!
Found indeed many additional heroes this morning. Some are still missing but I am 100% confident this will be solved in the next days, weeks, months.
Second costumes would be a great addition but I understand this is requiring extensive reprogramming.


I don’t use it, so I was just going by the date of the last update to the app.

I am not an Android developer, so i am not familiar with it. However, it good to know, thanks.