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Sorry to hear that Covid got you, was wondering why there hadn’t been updates recently.

One thing I have noticed is that Vanda’s costume icon has only 3 stars instead of 5.

Love the site, makes life way easier!

I hope you get over the Covid and things get back to normal for you soon!


Thank you very much for this resource, it has proven very helpful :nerd_face:. I hope that you make a full recovery.
Fyi…here are some things to add/adjust when you are well.
• Some Villain Family heroes recently received another buff
December 2021 Balance Update
• Guardian Lemur is currently listed as Very Slow Speed, while is Average Speed in game
• All Underwild heroes have the same percent chance to spawn Underwild Gems listed, this actually depends on the hero speed (what is listed is for Fast heroes)
• I noticed the stat bonus for a couple Costumes was incorrect (currently listed as the S1 bonus, example Krampus C), so I thought I’d try to check all non S1 5* Costumes as I figured it would be easier to fix any which might be incorrect all in one go. These are the Costume Bonuses which list S1 stat increases instead of the lower number they are in game: Alasie C, Ariel C, Athena C, Drake Fong C, Kageburado C, Krampus C, Poseidon C, and Ursena C.
Again, thank you for your continued time and effort put into keeping this community resource you made up to date :nerd_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:


Very Helpful! Found a lot of heroes whose costumes I hadn’t finished out for some reason. Is easy to look at team make ups on the computer, and not with phone in hand. A big deal when your arthritis makes it painful to hold the phone at times. Thanks!


Thank you for your fast, and regular, updates :blue_heart:

Noticed one thing: Iris is listed as a Sorcerer, but she’s actually a Wizard

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Hi @GDIBass! I hope all is well and you are back on your feet after your bout with COVID! With the Challenge event, costumes were added to several of the existing heros. While you have updated your inventory with most of them, costume White Rabbit and costume Marie-Therese do not have their costumes added to their cards. Here is the info link for each:

Would greatly appreciate it if you could update Heroplan with these additions. Thanks in advance! :wink:

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Another two for your website :relaxed:

(And in two weeks, there should be a whole mess of 5*, 4* and 3* added for W3K - so stay tuned :crazy_face:)


There are also new Magic Troops…


Added Kravekrush and Zagrog. The troops are going to take a while longer, since it’s a new mana bonus.

@RandaPanduh what’s W3K?


@GDIBass Thanks for adding White Rabbits costume! Much appreciated! :wink:


Thank you for all this info! Updated everything you posted - the family bonuses will be updated when I add the new troops.


Yup! Sorry if I don’t get back to you on here. I uuuusually see them and update them when I get time. My schedule is kind of insane at the moment so it’s taken a while to get to things.


Not an issue at all @GDIBass! We are appreciative that you take the time to do these update when you can! Thanks again! :wink:


W3k is the war of 3 kingdoms, a 100v100 global war with random assignments to a warband.

There are several new heros coming for it and S5 is launching in April with another chunk of new heros.

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I found a strange bug related to the levelling of costumes and talents:

Given a hero fully levelled with just a single talent node emblemed. I also have the costume of that costume.

If I now level up the costume and tap on „Save“ the talent is lost.

If, however, before tapping on „Save“ I delete the „1“ in the Talent input line and put in that „1“ again, the talent will stay as it was.

Hi! Is there a chance you can add a tool to rename our war attack teams? Let’s say I want to call my team’s like “teams for red tanks”, “teams for Alfrike on VF”, “versus Ferant” “versus XN” etc? Would be amazing!


You are probably already working on it, but the 3 Kingdoms Heroes need to be added!

Also, from all of us that use your tool, THANKS!!! It is a great tool to use! :+1: :grinning: :+1:


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@GDIBass I hope this message finds you well! The new heros from the new 3 Kingdom event are below:

Legedary heroes:

Epic heroes:

Rare heroes:

Thanks in advance! :wink:


Adding to @JAWS1 helpful and extensive list:


Also, magic troops were created not too long ago:

& @GDIBass As far as what W3K is, well @Shunt essentially covered that for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But yeah, it’s a five day long event (so… of course it gets its own hero portal :roll_eyes:) which is essentially: War (…But double the flags, and in an unknown clan, with 99 strangers :no_mouth:)

Currently still in beta testing though, which has been a perfect excuse for SG to drip-release some of these new heroes. Therefore, meaning (most likely) that next month we’ll be seeing the remaining 5* yet to be released - the three main protagonists - added to the game/portal as well (Cao Cao, Sun Quan and Liu Bei)

Oh, and as always…

Thank you :kissing_heart:


Thanks for the quick updates!

Just noticed Zhou Yu got the wrong skill (from the other red 4 star).