Heroes with the best special skill animations

Hi all.

This is only my third topic but you may have noticed a pattern here.

I seem to enjoy talking about heroes’ appearances and stuff like that.

But onto the topic, which heroes have the best special skill animations?

Here are some of my personal favourites:

  • Freya

That screaming raven really adds something to it!

  • Atomos

Yeah his SS animation is 10 hours long, but it just looks amazing!

  • Guardian Owl

WOW what a big explosion.

As I mentioned my favourite animations, I should also discuss my least favourite.

  • Frigg

Basically a cheap copy of Zeline’s special skill animation.

  • ALL the ninjas

For Garnet, Jade and Mica, they just copy and pasted that ninja head into each of their specials with a different hue, while Onyx and Cobalt’s special skill animations are so short you barely notice them.

  • Misandra

Needn’t I say any more?

Ok I’ll leave the rest of the discussions up to you :slight_smile:


Skill and sound are just like “imma kill this fellow titan with my strike!” I love it

I like the twittering birds.

Another graphic and sound that gives the impression that surely the fight is over right now. Love it.

Black knight:
Its more funny because it sounds like beating some scrap metal which indeed comes closed to BKs appearance

Sounds like bruce willis beating his way through a bar of bikers.

Again so funny. Just like an angry boar, but at the end it sounds like it is slaughtered and made to sausage.

Cool graphic that is so much better than the effect itself.

Just great rumbling gifts smacking on eberybodys head. Hilarious.

Again a nice SF jumping over all enemies, i think have some favour for this kinds of animation.


WOAH that’s a lot. You mention a few heroes with great specials which I forgot about, like King Arthur.

Grimble! Dispute impossible. Subject closed.


The ones I like the most, in no particular order:

  • Gullinbursti - yeah it really is angry boar. Especially since I have 3 of them, all maxed, and using their specials all at once is basically saying ‘you’re done’ to opponent or bosses (by coincidence I used them all in today’s class quest).
  • Atomos - great beam spam animation, and now the effect actually stands up to it (there was a similar thread long forgotten in the abyss of the underwild now, before Atomos was buffed).
  • Guardian Kong - I like how he creates CIRCLE! OF! FLAMES! and then lashes all enemies by it. Like for Atomos, his buff now makes the effect stand up to the animation.
  • Odin - Materializes spear from yellow vortex while all yellow tiles flash, then he lobs them at all enemies at once. Simple yet awesome, though those metallic clangs make half of the effect.
  • Vela - Watery seal then tsunami. I like it. Especially those accelerating waves in the seal itself.
  • Malicna - I absolutely love how she opens her book, from which light orbs or whatever travel towards enemies and hit them.
  • Skrekok - Way too funny. Basically middle target is mauled by rats I suppose and then scratches appear on all targets, which deal damage.
  • Ursena - The electric seal that creates around her, from which arcs travel toward enemies. Nice and to the point.
  • Francine - Those scissors on three characters are surely worth a laugh.
  • Norns - Black holes were always nice.
  • Roc - This bird is pretty narcissistic. I mean it is only hero that creates a picture of itself during its special. The sand cyclone part leading to it is pretty good. Too bad effects don’t stand up to it.
  • Bertila - Shield and slash combo, fast execution.
  • Heimdall - More sound than animation (TRAA-DAAA-DAAA), but otherwise Gjallarhorn is also very nice.
  • Sif - a pretty sick laser show. Golden fleece indeed.

Alfrike -Play with sound off, surprised when I turned it on & rock music is playing for her special :laughing:


Old school…I love Colen’s flames! They never get tired.

Alfrike’s cubes very cool!

I do like the ice effects too…preferring Krampus to Raff although not much in it!

Although…the best sound in the game belongs to the pet dragon!!


Shesh and Sif.
And loves both Frida and Finley spls. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Remove all special animations, they take too long and are very annoying

My thought, exactly.
God knows how much I hate getting blinded by Wilbur’s fish slapping all over the board.

Don’t get me wrong: I respect the effort, time, professionalism and competences put into developing them for the sheer pleasure of us players, but I’d still love the option to turn 'em off.
Especially when auto playing.
I mean, it’s kinda schizophrenic that the game forces all the complete animations and sounds effects when, by definition of auto playing, no-one is considering them.
Save us time and battery. If you don’t want to do it for us, do it for the environment :crazy_face:


He is the correct and only answer to the “best skill animation”

He also wins best Oscar for Sound Effects and best Oscar for Use of a Goat in a Special Attack.

But sadly the Grammys totally overlooked him for the “Actually any good in the Game” award and he took that straight onto Twitter to complain about how outdated the voting system was.


You can turn the sound off in game

I know.
But I still need to see animations.
Even when no-one is looking at the device.

And there’s only one sound I really need to hear: victory (to relaunch auto)

Some of the animations are decent I guess? Wouldn’t know what they sound like, I play with sound disabled.

But I’m going to have to go with the “animations take too long” crowd on this one.

I know, I know, I’m the one who suggested we have killing animations for each hero, but that’s different. That doesn’t take away from the precious little time I have on my titan hits (unless I actually kill the titan myself, in which case - yes please, I want a gloriously long, gory, and graphic animation, along with a celebratory fireworks show).

But when it comes to raids, wars, farming and such… do I really have to sit there and wait for all 5 of my opponents to cast swirly circles and pentagrams and swords and waves of fire and brimstone, then wait for all 15 of their minions to go swipe swipe swipety swipe swipe at me before it’s finally my turn again? Honestly, it’s tedious.

Yes, I get it, you guys are going to beat me. I at least showed you the courtesy of sending a mono color stack right up your tank’s er… spinal column, killing him instantly. He didn’t even see it coming. Could you at least extend the same courtesy to me and get it over with already? Or do you take great pleasure in torturing and playing with your food before devouring it? Because I believe that is against the Geneva Convention.

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Vela is really kool 20chars

I really like that Gazelle’s special has a passive animation too while active. When its active the other members of the team ring their heads. Its not a big deal but i personally enjoy it. "keep their heads ringin’ "


Jabberwock animation and sound is so cool you just know your in for it once the claws come down at you.

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20 meows from the cats that like to play with their food.

In all seriousness though, the animations annoy me for all the time based events…titans, Challenge Events etc.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could do stuff through the animation, but have noticed that particularly when the countdown starts titans slow down and make you wait for the animation to finish…it feels like the titan is cheating!!

Even when you can still attack during the animation, it often obscures the board so you are playing blind…the weak spot may have moved during the animation…

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  • fast animation
  • hilarious sound effect
  • doesn’t block tiles
  • number of stampeding goats even increases when there are many minions to stomp

What is there not to like? :joy:


I love how Seshat literally says her name as she fires her arrow (sorry if you can’t unhear that lol)


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