Heroes with odd talent classes

Magic tower made me realise how questionable or strange some of these heroes and talents are being paired up with. One of them is Lepus.

While his title is protector of Springvale and the title for druid is ‘protector of the forest’, pairing him with druid seems like a no brainer. Until magic tower came along…and I don’t see how this bunny is in anyway magical.
So I’m here wondering about very odd pairings of heroes/talents that really don’t make sense and you need a convoluted explanation to justify the hero/talent pairing

Two of the strangest pairing I can think of right away is Emilio and Hannah, both druids.
I get the magical phoenix thing, but as a druid? I imagine the phoenix burning down the entire forest without a care in the world. I would have pictured him more as sorcerer.
Hannah made even lesser sense as druid. If anything, she should be ranger. Her title is ‘adventurous archeologist’ (I don’t have the card so this in from @Pois1 curated list) and the ranger’s title is ‘nomadic hunter and adventurer’. You think Hannah and the ranger class is an obvious pairing, but no, she’s druid. Like what and how?

There are many others for me. But what are your odd hero/talent combinations?

Oddest for me will be these two


Which one is more odd ? :rofl:

  • Jabberwock is monk
  • Asterius is druid

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None, they’re both very strange. Jabberwock could be barbarian while asterius could be fighter

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Melia is also one of them. She seems like a guardian protector. But then you realised she lives in the ocean…how and why would she even care about the forest? As in trees on land. Is there like a sacred kelp forest she needs to take care of?

I also realised most of this list are druids as well. I guess there are many strange, out of place druids :man_shrugging:

Lady Loki being a fighter is the odd one for me.

It’s clearly magical character, she helps the allies and trick her opponents. There is nothing that would justify her being a fighter. Cleric, sorcerer, even rogue - but fighter :thinking:

Caitlin as wizard. Why. Dispels buffs before doing damage so will only activate jinx vs element link or undispellable buff. The character also doesn’t fit.

I think sometimes the class should be ignored over what it actually does.

Jabber never fitted monk as a “RPG” class but I can see why they would want him to be able to resist things. So I don’t see it as Jabber the Monk but rather Jabber with resistances built in.

Asterius as a Druid…that one I think was just a “we have 1 of everything else…we need a Druid…just throw it on the Minotaur and let them figure it out”


Magic Tower put a lot of Monks into odd talent class category. Raffaele? Marie-Therese? Aeron? Rana? They are all clearly magical. If Monks are not magical, then they should not be Monk.

Druid are sometimes considered as animalistic, so I do not wonder if they put a humanoid bull in it.

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Some of the classes are primarily chosen to fill gaps, I think. Kiril as a wizard is often cited — wizards needed a healer. (Of course, you could interpret him as some sort of beer alchemist and come up with wizard…) Or Guinivere, who seems to have been made a wizard primarily to nerf her some (since wizard’s talent is only marginally useful for her). Although her word of command that has magical effects could well be seen as wizardly.

Of newer ones, Elizabeth doesn’t really “feel” like a monk either. And I was happily surprised that Malicna was a cleric.

Kind of like Triton as well. He’s captain of Atlantis, someone whose supposed to be leading a squadron. But yet he is a nomadic ranger. Which makes me think Triton was only assigned ranger for his skills more than anything else

Maybe that trident is for throwing, so he is like a skirmisher which can be considered as Ranger.

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