Heroes with Asian names are mostly holy/"yellow"?

It’s kinda racist, right, that a majority of the “yellow” heroes are Asian/have Asian names?

Hu Tao. Li Xiu. Wu Kong. Drake Fong. Gan Ju. Danzaburo. Chao. Musashi. Malosi. Vivica. Hikaru. Sha Ji. Inari. Kenjiro, and Bai Yeong (in September).


Not to mention malosi being a completely racialized caricature. It seems too consistent to be unintentionally done.

How do you fix it? Switch elements with similar heroes?

Either way it’s a pretty overtly racist part of the game.


Yellow is only our player jargon.
In fact they are holy.

I wouldn’t make racism out of it.


I am Asian and I don’t feel any racism in it.


Maybe… but kinda feels equally racist to look for racism where it may not exist.

Go Greendale Human Beings!


If you do a search for “Asian,” you’ll see this has been discussed before. But those threads are closed as people did not remain in the #forum-rules. As such, I’ll keep this open in hopes it does not follow down the same path.


Thanks littleKAF. Just hoping for some productive dialog on the topic.


So you speak for every Asian and you’re not offended so that makes it okay? This political climate is exactly the time to point out these prejudices whether or not you feel attacked. It’s a stereotype and that can be harmful.


@Kayo it’s not about whether you see it. It’s there. This isn’t a time of going and looking for it. It’s too consistent a theme to be coincidence that all of the “yellow” characters are Asian themed and caricatures.


The very fact that this issue has been raised many times over on this forum, in the very least, warrants some fruitful discussion on the topic. I am aware that SGG had commented on making diversity one of their priorities (I think back in their 2018 AMA), so why not open this space for feedback in that regard?

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Not to mention that the current “sand empire” is super racist that the characters are all again caricatures of middle Eastern folks.

It’s pretty plain. I get a certain “creative liberty” with games and such but it seems a pretty consistent thing conscious or not.

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The game itself never refer it as yellow hero, it is holy hero. Yes the shield color is yellow, but what color do you expect for holy? White? Do you want the board to be Red-Green-Blue-Black-White?


So the myths featuring white heros in Valhalla are ok but a middle eastern themed event with middle eastern heros is bad?


@TrickySiskel @THEJANITOR Are you Americans by any chance?


The problem isn’t having the colour yellow. It’s that all the Asian characters bar a few are yellow. They could have easily made the Asian characters in various different elements.

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The white people look like actual people first off. Second the location of it is fine it’s that they’re caricatures.

No and that’s irrelevant?

I give you Gretel, Mist, Justice, Poseidon, Rana, Roc, Jackal, Guinivere, Gillinbusti, Lady Woolerton and Owl. Not to mention Thor and Odin in beta.

All is a gross generalisation. There is, however, an over representation of animals in holy and white washing of a couple of the military characters.

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I understand the idea of Asian hero were mostly yellow heroes. Asian martial arts tend to include spirituality.


Yeah, no, and also irrelevant.

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