Heroes Window: Mark Used Heroes in Active War

in war, heroes can be used only once. and usually you focus on unused ones to level up for next attack(s)
but it is hard, really hard to keep track of used heroes in war.

my proposition to solve this problem is, adding an icon to used heroes for active war. this should be very easy to implement and improve the ease of use.

They already have a solution to viewing used heroes in the ‘Attack Team’ tab. Or am I missing your point?


i know you can view them like that.
but think about this, overnight you trained 10 or so heroes and now it is time to feed them to unused heroes, but which heroes are needed some buff for next attack?

  1. open alliance window
  2. switch to war tab
  3. open battlefield
  4. tap on an enemy or the little gear & pick attack option
  5. tap on a hero slot to see heroes…
  6. memorize which are available
  7. close battlefield
  8. close alliance window
  9. open hero roster window
  10. remember the ones you decided to level up

isn’t this crazy enough?

just an icon or an indicator in the hero roster would be enough


@Can thank-you for the clarification. A couple additional thoughts… I’m sure others will be throwing out some as well.

This is likely very common for beginning players or those just building war teams. Once you hit a certain place in game play, the focus isn’t getting you next hitting team a little stronger. Instead the focus is churning out feeders to level your next project hero. While this wouldn’t impact all players the same, I can see it being beneficial for beginners.

The ability so see which heroes have been used in war was proposed several months ago. To be fair, the main focus of that request was to be able to ‘build’ your next war team without having to attack someone. SGs answer to that was the ‘Attack Team’ button.

I mention this again as SG normally does not do redundant functionalities. There are many suggestions on the forums that would improve the quality of gameplay that do not already have a function that CAN do the job (Albeit a little clunky for your scenario).

I do think this suggestion has merit as it would help beginning players. Getting it heard above the others might be a daunting task.


@LadySuzanne thanks.

considering how long it takes to develop teams while constantly aiming/getting new heroes, a new player will be spending almost a year leveling up, if not more.

i hope this gets attention and traction.

You are absolutely right. Glad you took the time to help them.

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to make things easier for you, you can just:

  1. open alliance window
  2. switch to war tab
  3. open battlefield
  4. tap on an enemy or the little gear & pick attack option
  5. tap on a hero slot to see heroes
  6. press the small (?) button at corner of hero
  7. press level up
  8. chose the heroes you want to sacrifice
  9. confirm (if needed)

now the wanted hero is leveled, no need to close the window and remember which ones you want to level


@Expired thanks for the great tip!

it really helps, but while constantly farming for items / heroes, the feature i requested still has its importance imho.

You are welcome, glad i could help and if you need anything else you can mention me anytime will do my best