Heroes whose names get misspelled

Recently I have seen some nice misspellings on the forum, when it comes to the names of our beloved heroes. I thought it might be fun to start a list and see how many variants we can come up with.

I’ll do the kick off:

  • Gracemaker
  • Bloodtusk
  • Kaliden

Feel free to add to the list!


Tirubtus in my alliance

F*(&&*( B$$$$ (Guinevere)

My phone keep wanting to call Boril “broil” and Colen “Coleen”


For me Rigard will always be Richard and reverse.

There’s no way i will be able to tell it right.


Aka Gadeirus :wink:

In my alliance people keeping misspelling Melendor as “Gandalf”…


I always think of him as Ribald.

You know you’ve been playing E&P too much when … your autocorrect knows all the hero’s names.


I’ve long wondered if people realize that Melendor is actually a more subtle LOTR reference than just his artwork. Mellon is the Elvish word for friend, which Gandalf uses as the password to enter the hidden door to the Mines of Moria.


I have a Samsung where you drag the letters. Five attempts at “Boril” gave me four "Virgil"s and one “Bothell.”

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Sumimotorola and Kashrek, I mean Kashhhhrek.

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Yeah, he tends to rub it the right way.

Good one, Gadeirus seems to be one of the harder names to spell correctly!

Coleen… could be Colen’s furious sister.

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Wow, that means I suddenly have Richard in my roster. :slight_smile:

LOL Sumimotorola! That made me laugh. And yeah, always a gamble how many H’s are in Kashhhhhhhhrek’s name.

Here’s a sister thread on how we all pronounce the names differently as well as struggle with spelling :grin:

I like to refer to GM as Gravey Maker

Gunaveer to get out of her way!:joy:

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Haha, informative and very funny, thanks for sharing!

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