Heroes who recover more than 4% health for all allies?

What are 5* heroes who recover more than 4% health for all allies?

4* is nothing

So all of them

Vivica, Delilah, Red Hood(all allies)
Tarlak, Alberich(regenerate in turns)
Ares(heroes next to him)
Guinevere(regenerate, heroes next to him)
I hope, I didn’t forget someone! :wink:

If you’re referring the the 4% elemental heal, it’s the new HotM theme. Khiona, Aegir, Zimkitha, and the next 2 HotM’s have this ability. It’s not amazing by itselft, but I think it is quite strong since SG seems to include it as an afterthought on heroes who are already respectable. This ability is not the 5% attack/defense link, underestimate it ability at your own peril.

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Immediate Healing 5*: Vivica, Delilah, Rumpel (sort of)

HOT on All 5*: Aeron, Alberich, Tarlak

HOT on Three 5*: Guinevere, Ares

HOT on Self 5*: Guardian Owl

Healing Themselves Through Damage Dealt 5*: Leonidas, Elkanen

Healing Themselves Through Normal Attack 5*: Aegir (& Nearby Allies), Musashi

Link Healing 5*: Khiona, Aegir, Zimkitha, (Evelyn)

Minion Healing 5*: Red Hood

Healing Through Stealing 5*: Victor


So all of the Immediate and HOT would be more than 4%. Minions is 7%. Health Steal is 61% of healing received. Damage Dealt usually doesn’t amount to much, and Normal Damage varies.