Heroes who don't suit their elements

Lady of the Lake doesn’t suit with the Nature/Green at all. Her artwork’s colour is literally screaming cyan blue and she is “of the Lake”, so I think Water/Blue. Have you guys thought abour any heroes who look kind of off-colour too?

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Red Hood who belongs to the wood.
She should be green.

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Gato is about the opposite of LOTL, since he’s from the swamp, which are usually around 2,000 shades of green. He’s also a green creature, so there’s that too.


Pond scum is green. So is seaweed. And kelp. I’m cool with LoL being green.

Now Kingston, on the other hand - should have been purple. I mean, c’mon!


While Alby looks good in green, and purple would not suit Mother North visually, I always thought raising the dead should be a dark ability. It’s not a leafy seasonal rebirth, it’s bringing back heroes blown off the battlefield.

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Black Knight probably should’ve been Dark.


Nashgar has red eyes but nothing else is red. Tiburtus has almost as much green in his artwork than purple, same with Balthazar. Obakan and Poseidon both have blue skin just like Grimm and Magni but they are purple and yellow respectively. Boldtusk has two arrows in his shield that have red fletching but that’s it for red. Does Li Xiu have any yellow in her artwork? Domitia has flowing red hair that fades to pink and all the fletching in her arrows are red as well. Vivica has more red in her clothing than yellow and then her costume eliminates the yellow altogether. Silthus has no purple in his clothing. Tyrum and Oberon have little to no purple either. Toril has no blue in his clothing. Brogan has no green clothing. Greymane’s belt buckle (maybe that’s what it is?) is more green than blue isn’t it? So yeah there’s a lot of outfits that make zero sense lol.

2 that make no sense to me are Scarlett and Wilbur. How are a desert raider and a fisherman Fire/Red heroes?! For that matter, how is Khagan Fire/Red?

Plus, why is the vampire Valeria Blue/Ice instead of Purple/Dark?

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Can I throw in the deceptive Hydra titan, which is presented in snake-green :snake: but is yellow.

Surely designed to catch out sleepy players…very snakey behaviour


I can relate. I screwed myself in a battle with Emperor Dragon one time quickly stacking Holy Element against the purplish-looking titan thinking nothing of it until the battle started.



@Mothra Who doesn’t?
I did this several times because of my fast fingers. :see_no_evil:


THIS!!! I STILL have a hard time with him not being dark!!

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Oh me and the Demon Lord, who is NOT Red!!! Yeah me and him have had some words…if you’ve ever seen an old crazy guy screaming obscenities at his phone? YUP Me!!


Can you imagine the hell that would be raised if the Queen of Hearts wasn’t red?? Knowing that she would decapitate a minion for trying to deceive her with white roses painted red instead of the roses being naturally red?

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I always thought that Hansel and Gretel, who burned (cooked) a witch in her own oven should have been either fire or dark heroes. All the Grimforest characters should have been different elements in my opinion.

Lady Locke should have been unholy.


On a related note, why do goody-two-shoes Holy heroes require nasty poison darts, while evil-schmevil Dark heroes need saintly royal tabards? Should be the other way round!


I’d actually accept a black heart’d Queen though. But you can’t have a Red/Black Knight or an Orange green Goblin for Pete’s sake!!! That’s like if the Hulk has been neon PINK!!! And balloon animals set him off!!

The Lady of the Lake should be HOLY, or minimally BLUE as someone has previously stated. Why not make Vela RED?? I mean Moses parted the RED sea? So makes perfect sense!!! NOT

Also speaking of HOLY…Neith? NEITH is HOLY? With her HOLY sickle of eradication!!! Come little children and meet eradication!!!

But then we have that EVIL DARK goat riding gnome?? Grimble? Do you think Kiril and Boril shun him as the red headed step-child of the family? Or do the sit around making fun of Dawa and her devastating “LEAPING” attack? (You know she’s just throwing herself from the stronghold battlements due to her great shame) just because she occasionally lands on something and causes damage doesn’t make her a hero. But she’s also HOLY!!! You know how many Holy men/women had “leaping” attacks???

Then we have Guinevere, HOLY Guinevere who cheats on one of the greatest, most honorable kings with his friend and head Knight Lancelot. Wanna know what happened to King Arthur? Well after Guinevere’s team of lawyers were done with him he feeds Grimbles goats.


Not to be that guy, but Kiril and Boril are dwarves while Grimble is a Gnome. Different species.

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Psssst, @King_Kyree77, not to be a snitch or anything but…you’re being THAT guy :wink:

Plus look me straight in the face and tell me that dwarves and Gnomes wouldn’t hang out in the battlefield camp?

They totally wouldn’t. Dwarves are extremely obnoxious and outgoing, gnomes are far less confrontational. Grimble may be an exception to the rule (which is why he’s the first gnome in the game) because gnomes are usually quite peaceable.

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