Heroes whitch strike on all team destroys whole team

I have team of well leveled 5*heroes and trophies o
On raid over 2000 but when one hero which strike
On all allies destroy my whole team… for example colen with medium power destroys team of almost 4000 team power. How is that possible? It is to frustrating so i wonder if i have a bug ? If you could check please

A quick search would have given you the anwser in 1 minute: Colen's DOT – why does an enemy's Colen do more damage than my maxed Colen?


Actualy i dont find an answer with all due respect i play on two profiles and on first i have this problem on second is diferent is normal when colen strike i get normal damage and the team is about 3500 power…first profilemi have almost 4000 power good team and one colen destroys me like a team of 2000 power…so there must be something wrong or a bug maybe or something?

Maybe you have defence down or colen has a attack buff?
Like it you used in a red stack bt Wilbur falcon colen hit them specials in that order it’s pretty much over for that team.


I did a quick search but didnt find answer …it is not 20% on defending team…all heroes whith strike on all enemies does damage beyond normal

Welcome to the forum @jacki

Clearly, there is a need to know the constituent of the team you fought against as well as your own team

Does the team have attack buff, like Boldie, Kiril etc, was there any defense down like Grimm, Tiburtus etc.

How far up the talent tree is the Colen in question, note that a maxed Colen has a typical high attack stat, now add the AI 20% on attack for heroes on defense…

What was the order of the attack on your team?
Did an Attack buffers like BT, C.Rigards, etc fires before the Colen?
Did any def down hero like Grimm etc fires before the Colen…?

You may need to provide more info, or at best some screen shots.


I’m going to guess that @Dudeious.Maximus and @Oliz are correct here @jacki. The hero’s on the team you were fighting is quite important. Some give significant buffs that are easily overlooked. What hero’s made up the team you are discussing?


as always, I suspect there is quite a bit of exaggeration going on.
next time it happens, take a screenshot right after the said desctruction and post it here.

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