Heroes: what is rare, legendary etc in *?

Question from a German lady who plays the game in German… but who likes to read info in English ( especially the wonderful Coppersky’s Compendium … my “bible” for the game … big Thank You for that!):

Can somebody please write me / point me to a little list … in * … for the heroes? What is the meaning of rare, legendary, epic … etc … heroes? How many * do these terms mean?

I cannot make heads or tails of the English terms for the heroes. I play on a German language platform.

Please help!

Thank you very much in advance for your help and support!

rare is 3*
legendary is 4*
epic is 5*

if i’m not mistaken


Lovely! Thank you very much!

You are mistaken

Rare 3*
Epic 4*
Legendary 5*


DAMN! thanks. i don’t know why i had those backwards.


Whee, thank you!
Now I do find it comforting that I am not the only one who gets confused :slight_smile:

In our - German - alliance, we say only 3* , 4*, 5* heroes, and everybody understands clearly :slight_smile:

KISS: keep it short and simple :wink:


It gets confusing when you start talking about item rarity, e.g. 4* ascension items are required for 5* heroes. Who also need 3* items… which are required for 4* heroes. Makes total sense.