Heroes vs titans

hi, does anyone have a scheme that indicates which and how many heroes is best to use against the titans?

Ok here is a small list of some very good heros against titans:

  • Wukong: very high dmg, 33% to miss.
  • Wilbur: very good team survivability and decrease titan defense.
  • Joon: snipe and blind
  • Any hero that decrease def : tiburtus, gormeck…
  • Athena: her effect is deadly
  • Ares: regen, att and crits buffs, he is very good to keep some heroes alive
  • Any healer: you will need one or 2
  • Tarlack: like wukong but1 without blind effect and less powerfull att buff.
  • Khiona: medium sniper but boost your attack.
  • Kiril: def up, hp up, att up.
  • Triton: fast sniper and boost healing skills

One of the commonly shared basic guides is in the top image on this post:

In short, you want to focus on stacking the strong color against the titan, along with heroes that debuff (decrease) the titan’s defense, and buff your attack. The chart goes into a bit more detail of the breakdown of those categories, along with examples of some heroes.

If you want further specific advice, I encourage you to post your hero roster, so team combinations can be suggested. :slight_smile:


Weel, using 5 heroes would be my choice :joy:

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