Heroes/Troops drop rate changed!?

Since a few days I get worse drop rates of Heroes and Troops when farming at 8/7 compared to earlier times.

The drop rate for Heores was in the range of 1 per run during the last months. Now I only get a rate of 0.3 for Heroes and 0.2 for Troops.

As the drop rate should be constant for all levels (at least it was so in the past) I want to ask if anyone else has observed this, too?

Edit: I have to correct myself: The drop rate in the past was in the range of 0.5 per run for heroes and 0.2 for troops. So maybe it’s just a random gap.

I’ve noticed a definite decrease in heroes as I’ve advanced. I just hit level 21, and it sure seemed like there was a big drop-off in drops around level 20.

EDIT: Link to post:

I’ve kept track of about 1500 runs all on the same level (not 8-7) and drop rates per run are as follows:

1* hero - 0.42
2* hero - 0.10
1* troop - 0.15
2* troop - 0.05

I have the same data for 500 runs of 8-7 with the following rates:

1* hero - 0.39
2* hero - 0.11
1* troop - 0.16
2* troop - 0.06

Based on this, I would guess hero and troop drop rates are the same, at least for 3 world energy levels. I’ll make a dedicated post in the future with all my data

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