Heroes- training

Again, this item seems to be danced around, but not directly addressed. The heroes that are beefed up, only to be used as fodder to another (4 or 5 star) hero dont really seem to give that much more of an edge. After leveling and ascending a 3 star almost to the top, only to get someone better to start all over again. I used some of my older 3 star that were maxed out, but the additional amount of exp that they generated was laughable. THEN the alliance wars came about and I could have used them (which just sucked, but anyway). All of the experience and time and effort used to build those up should be conveyed (not all of it) to the new character, even at 50% or 25% of the ‘value’ of the 2 star hero should be given to the new hero. easy logic behind this, if you like, is that a more experienced teacher would train the new hero better and teach more and so would be worth more exp.

RE Training Camps, why put up an Uncommon Training Camp that you spend more food and time to train to just end up with a Common Hero. Just now, I got 5-6 consecutive common heroes without even an uncommon one. It’s so frustrating and such a waste!


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I suggested taking out one of the useless levels in the training camp, like any of the advanced ones, and put in a 2* uncommon only training. You can train 1* and 3* only, but not 2*. I’m with you!

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I agree with you. I have actually brought crystals to gain power up of elite heros only to end up with the same ones. I have then ‘fed’ them to the more experienced one with minimal difference or power up. I am also frustrated at getting certain items such as the woolly coat. I have played countless levels, raids, titans and quests but never get the required item to progress. I am now so disappointed that I don’t feel it is worth continuing to play the game. This is not a sour grapes message more of one born out of frustration. I am pleased to see that I am not one.