Heroes that you would not spend rare items on and why?

Everyone has some heroes they don’t like, there are heroes generally subpar and some people try to make them work anyway bringing them all the way up.

But are there heroes that you would simply refuse investing into?
Even if you had no alternative at hand?
[for instance if you rolled Quintus as your only purple 5* and would rather wait a year for a random chance at Sartana/Obakan/Whoever rather than grant him the goodies].

Are there 4*/5* heroes you’d rather feed to a Renfeld than get to higher levels?


I have some regrets using good heroes for feading earlier in the game.
So now I’m hoarding and considering every time I use a 3*+ for feading :rofl:
I do have heroes I wouldn’t spent rare items for, like Chao and kashhrek and I have no regrets spending all my Skittles for feading.
But on the other hand both Chao and Kashhrek have been useful to me early in the game to make progress and at that time raiding someone with a maxed Skittle could be a pain.
I think most heroes 3* and 4* have a role to play, but for 5* it’s different when you probably only have one shot to max one of each element in 6 month or more.

There’s a bunch of 5* i will not use even a single ascension item, simply because i know that if i’ll be patient something better arrive.

Right now i have five that i don’t use and don’t even touched, and i keep level good 4* instead.

Sadly i’m very picky, so my bench list will surely getting longer.


Good topic.

First, I would never let a 4* or 5* hero go. Hero expansion space is cheap. We’ve seen too often a tweak in the hero that makes a bad hero better. I’d feel like a dolt having tossed a now-desireable hero!

Second, the decision is entirely relative to the rest of my bench, and how often you pull epic heroes. Aside from Bane and, perhaps, Brienne, every 4* is better than the 3* tiers if taken to full level. So if you only have a limited set of 4* heroes and don’t draw 4* often, then ascending the best of what you have makes sense.

From my personal perspective, holding all the 4* heroes and many 5*, there is certainly a queue for rare mats. I think some heroes are more valuable for my team than others. And as we have more HOTM and event heroes, some weak heroes fall further back.

But in the spirit of answering the OP’s original question, here’s my bottom of the list, if I had every regular (non-event) hero available:

  • Red: 5* Khagan, 4* Kelile
  • Yellow: 5* Leonidas, 4* Chao (both good, just everything else is better)
  • Purple: 5* Quintus, 4* Tiberius (but tough call here, Grimm and Gormek are better at this role)
  • Green: 5* Elkanen, 4* Kashhrek
  • Blue: 5* Thorne, 4* Boril

Happy to explain my thinking on any of these. Again, I could imagine using any of these in the right situation if mats and feeders were free, but they’re at the bottom of my wish list.

I have a T2 60 Kadilen and I think she is pretty useless! I regret even getting her that far.

She is good for special event though too keep the team alive with a good healer…

I certainly hope you’re kidding about tibs.

Gormek is certainly not better in that role. Grimm and Tibs are better. Not only do the have the same debuff, but their attack stats are much higher. Gormek is sort like an almost tank. His 569 attack stat is not great, nor is his 565 armor rating. Sure he has a mess of HP, but I’d much rather see Gormek on the other team when raiding as opposed to either Tibs or Grimm and it’s not close. Vs green titans, you want other reds that make more of a difference (e.g. BT’s buff and Colen/Scarlet/Kelile’s much large attack stat - remember most of your titan damage comes from tiles, not specials, so you want your strong heroes to have bigger attack stats) and use athena/grimm/tibs for defense debuff. Vs Green titan something like Wu Kong Athena/Tibs BT other red Caed/third red.

And as for the other 4* purples, you can’t possibly put Cyprian ahead of Tibs. Tibs and Sabina are the best 4* purples. Rigard is good and somewhat unique in his cleanse, but much harder to use properly. Cyprian is CLEARLY the worst 4* purple. If you’re gonna go with a riposte hero, you’re going to use Boril, the one that will actually be hard to kill.

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I find it interesting that you have one riposte card in there and not others.

Most of yours I agree with but Tibby < Gormek? :slight_smile: I’d put Cyprian there personally, Tibby is arguably the best purple 4*.

Also Khagan, mana control and therefore generation, very very very interesting for raid mechanics. If you don’t care about raids, then yeah. Elena is my personal won’t level red 5*.

I’d add Skittles for Green 4*, Hu Tao for yellow 4*.

I regret spending 4 shields on Skittle. I have LJ sitting there idle. Skittle is basically useless.

I have 3/60 Boril and sitting on 9 capes, I have no other alternative but I’m just not ascending him, I’d rather wait for Grimm/Kiril/Sonya than waste items on him.

It will take a very very long time for me to Ascend Boril, Kellile, Colen, Hu Tao, Chao, Quintus, Leonidas, Kadilen Elkanen, Richard, Thorne.

I find Boril more useful than Sonya and I have her maxed. FWIW you should ascend Boril.

Sonya is the perfect Ares medicine.
Better then Perseus.

Definitely not better at maxed

Perseus negates only healing, Sonya negates everything.
Questionable, but even so a 4* that can be compared with a HotM is a really good 4*.

Team Sonya here too. Ever since I have her, even 4.80 Aresi are easily beatable provided I don’t get an absolute crap board with no blue tiles present.

She doesn’t just stop Ares healing himself. She also removes the heal from the two other targets AND removes the crit buff from all three of them. I find that pretty key.

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I agree, Sonya is awesome against buffers. In fact, I’ve already sung her praises in another thread.

What I’m suggesting is that Boril is more USEFUL for me at this point. He’s better against Titans, especially green ones, because he reflects triple damage. Boril is also critical in the big events at the advanced levels.

I don’t know, I have Cyprian with riposte and I’ve long since stopped using him anywhere. Not even gonna bother leveling Boril past lvl 1. Cyprian at least has some swag.

Titans are mostly about the tile damage. Sure riposte can deal a bunch, but it’s also a skill that doesn’t “stack”. As in, if you charge the hero again before 5 turns pass it doesn’t get full energy value. Also, it’s gimped by dead folk. With titans 1-2 shotting everyone it’s a fair chance they’ll just delete riposte-able characters either before riposte goes off at all, or after it’s only cast once. I mean it’s not horrible, but it’s not something I’m crazy about :woman_shrugging: I’d rather have a single-target fast-mana hitter who can utilize a good board better or the pulverizer folk who amplify all damage, tile and skill.

Events? Unless someone’s struggling to complete it (in which case yes, riposte is awesome and can be of MASSIVE help), I think it’s absolutely garbage. To get a good score you should avoid letting the bosses cast their spells at all. In which case riposte, obviously, does nothing :face_with_monocle:


Riposte Reflect doesn’t take into account color. It’s a color neutral game mechanic damage.

Meaning if a red attack was going to do 200 damage to a neutral color (i.e. not green or blue), while boril would only take 100 damage, it’s not going to reflect back 300, it’s going to reflact back 115% (or whatever Boril’s special is at) of 200. So 230 reflect damage.

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I have Skittle and I was wondering if i should level him. Now, considering what all of you have written I will use him as a cannon fodder :slight_smile:
One thing I don’t get is yours opinion on Kelile. She charges her attack fast and hits pretty hard. I find her one of the best of red heroes. She’s really vital member of my squad. What do you prefer instead?

I like Kelile - she’s better at raiding than Scarlett and good on titans. Scarlett is better on titans bc her gem damage is higher, but worse IMO at raiding since she’s less likely to one shot anyone. She’s been very handy nuking pesky Alberich and the like before they cast. I pair BT and Kelile vs greens when I need and haven’t been disappointed.


Need a super fast mana red? Scarlet do much more damage per tile and reduce attack of titans.

Need a overpowered multitarget hitter? Colen and his DoT in raids is just illegal

Need a healer and buffer? Boldtusk is just the best around.

Need another debuffer? Falcon stack with others.

Need someone that don’t do anything special? Hi, i’m Kelile. How are you?

Seriously, she is not “bad”.
She is just another Chao. Meh.


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