Heroes that forced you to ascend - Kunchen, Guin and now TELLY

For instance, the abundance of Kunchens is really forcing me to consider ascending Joon so I can stack him with Viv and Drake.

I almost feel like I am being forced to given the crazy numbers of Ks

Any similar experiences? Interested to know which heroes are causing choke points for you.



EDIT: TELLY now obviously



Wars and titans force ascensions for me. Nothing else really. I guess maybe events if you wanna talk 4s, but could also be chalked up to boredom.

Considering a 2nd joon personally if i dont get another poseidon or a first rabbit

Would this be joon #1 for you?

I mean in mid level wars, i was chasin blues and greens. Then yellow tanks showed up everywhere so then it was darks. Then dark tanks showed up so i started chasing yellows. Just way the game goes, no specific heroes for me really. More just specific colors


Yeah my first one, hoarding darts atm in case for whatever reason I get neith (unlikely)

Really my main problem is greens, I need more of em


You have drake

I would max joon


I’m contemplating a third jackal for wars. My first two pair nicely with joon and Poseidon.


Jackal - Joon combo has been in existence for a long time.

Surprised that you did not up Joon earlier. My Viv has been stuck at 3/70 for a long time and her survival stats is just meh even at 4/80. Utility or healing heroes can stay at 3/70 unless you use them for defense.

Better to kill Kunchen faster as compared to playing a raid of attrition with him.

  1. I’m a sucker for healers

  2. I pulled Joon only recently

  3. Vivica is still OK for events and some raids!

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Vivica is still great for offense. Not quite on defense.

Joon will be your new favorite hero. :rofl:

Also, I want a Tome so badly. Need 1 for Kingston. :sweat_smile:

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I didn’t ascend a hero I didn’t want to, for what I recall. I always had a pretty clear idea of the heroes I wanted to ascend and still have lol.

Because I got more than enough rare 3* ascension mats in 2 years of playing, I did ended ascend some 4* not really useful, Captain of Diamond, Gobbler or even a 3* Vlad :joy:

But, no way, I am using my 4* mats for “nothing”, I keep them and hope to get the 5* worth it for me.

Kunchen is a tough one for sure and Joon which I don’t have, would have a good place in my roster.
Near my Jackals, but even within those, he would have this place. He is a chosen one for me lol

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Kadlien only got maxed because I had 17 tonics and we faced a lot of blue tanks in wars.

Other than that not much. I can beat anyone anywhere with anything…hahaha

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Good news! The Farholme Pass coming up next month is of the gloves/tome variety.


I have Kiril duplicates ascended, to counter the Santas, Kunchens, Zelines (though risky) and the Kingstons that will surely begin to infest war defenses.

Rigard duplicate also, to help me fight the numerous Gravemakers in wars (no Ariel over here, unfortunately)


Good I need the gloves.

Tomes and D blades I have 10 of each haha. I could loan 1 to @AirHawk


Filled with apathy and dread… i ascended Quintus and Leo

because i had the materials.

At the time I had 11 darts. Used 6 on Leo. got another dart that week just in time to draw Vivica from TC20 and ascend her. Figured Jackal 2 plus Leo was very very good on an alternate yellow war team vs grape tanks

Quintus? well… I didn’t have seshat at the time but had 13 tabards. And I had panther. so… um… yeah that’s why. Quintus DOES own these rush tourneys though. whew.


Ok so many months later, Kunchen is really easy to deal with with this team:

2.5 debuff reversers, 3 yellows, 2 healers, what more could you want.

Of course it doesn’t mean I win all the time but I would rather vs Kunchen + 17 than Telly + 9, put it that way.

Kunchen tanks are where Vivica shines - but Raffa might have a more difficult time vs Gravey


I will also add that Telly forced me to ascend Elena because of her high attack stat. Give Elena and Scarlett mana troops and you are good to go! Don’t expect them to live though…

Lol. I know what you’re saying. :grin:

I have kept Marjana on 3/70 for quite some time despite having rings enough to ascend a 5* in the hope that I would pull some better red.

I am not a big fan of Marjana personally. I prefer high attack. But now… I feel like I might actually benefit from her fast mana and sniper special against the green abomination that is Telluria.

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Marj has a weak snipe but she is sturdy. Think she’s great vs Telly! I use the above team for ‘stronger’ Tellys. Eg. above emblem level 9

I mean, slow vs slow, you’re gonna glow; slow vs v. fast, you won’t last. :rofl:

I’d like to test it out before passing judgement, I think Raffa has potential to turn the game around against Gravey. Imagining a near death burn all scenario

(don’t think I will get the chance though, knowing my summons luck)