Heroes that Everyone Likes that *YOU* know are Overrated 👎

Yes, I still love my Noor.

I use her less in raids these days because I have Skadi and 2 Grimbles as my minion counters (and Uraseus is waiting for darts) but she does still usually make one of my war teams. There is almost no PVE event she misses however. Right now she is a vital part of my S3 autofarming team, which is probably my highest priority configuration given how much I hate grinding through tougher PVE levels. But I do need those completion rewards…

Black Knight - Sure… I wouldn’t mind getting him but I am happy to see one as Tank on a raid defence all day long.

Finley, Athena, Magni, Alasie, Frida… 3 Tiles Kaboom No more BK no more taunt. He certainly doesnt scare me anymore. Although he was a monster in the beginning

he was my tank for a while, but I switched to C-Richard. Am holding more cups now. not a whole lot, but at least I am firmly in Diamond overnight… with Aegir I would slip out every so often!

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Apologies if this pressing question was asked and I missed it but it’s really bugging me.

What pie did you take to Gormek?

100% agree, Ido not like Wu Kong. I did use him recently in the Ninja Tower but he did make me die about 5 or 6 times and I had to use revive scrolls for my entire team lol.

He would literally miss 6 or 7 tiles in a row on Cobalt that would have otherwise killed Cobalt… but nooooo he can’t do that can he lol

Wu Kong miss rate needs to belowered to about 40% in my opinion, that’s still high miss % a

Lianna pie



We shall never forget our fallen heroes.

Here’s to you Isarnia (still never had her since…the game knows I don’t deserve her)

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Tyr for me. I don’t use him i don’t like his gameplay. He plays solo and offer nothing to his teammate. Of course he makes me win some raids that i should have lost but i prefer a hero useful in a majority of raid or a real sniper who kill an opponent instead of giving a little claw strike. I know that a lot love him but not me

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I don’t have Tyr but I really do find him one of the most annoying to face on defense. Not only does his special let him revive, he is a fighter too. If he is +20 he probably will revive 10 times per match and it can be frustrating, especially if your healer gets killed

Wilbur is still tough in a red stack. I usually go with:

  • Wilbur
  • Boldtusk (+c bonus)
  • Costume Marjana
  • Elena
  • Costume Colen/Sumle/Baldur

(note that I originally posted this in the wrong thread, was meant for here)

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I just finished Tavern with nothing but 3 and 4 star heros (just a little personal challenge) and stage 10 was only possible because of Wu. I thought it wouldn’t be possible because I used Hansel, Gretel, and Proteus on Stage 9, but I took 4 yellows and a purple healer and Wu had me hitting for over 1000 per tile. And they were not even emblemed yellows. He is annoying sometimes, but do not sleep on the power of the monkey.

Is everyone going off topic?

Overrated heroes pls :thinking:


Definitely agree that Wilbur is overrated.

Have him on an alt, he can be a total liability for my team. Helpful in certain situations, of course… titans, yes… certain quests where I’m heavily color stacking and can’t seem to get good matches to hit everyone at once… trying to take out a corner hero in a war or raid that refuses to give me tiles on that side, etc.

But other times, using his special in a PVP battle can quickly come back to bite me. Healer is about to heal! Time to snipe them!

Aww crap, I already cast Wilbur’s special…


Alright so that didn’t work. Damage got spread across all opponents, and now they’re all healed. Do we at least have a plan B? No? Okay then. Nice going, Wilburrrrr.


I never saw his appeal… he is ok for Titans, but I use him sparingly on wars. The only time he really sees action are the rush wars since I’ll just fire him first, and then Azlar right away, or other AoE heroes. Otherwise… he sits on the bench most of the time.

I know that feeling. Not only a healer, but also when the most dangerous enemy hero is about to die with the mana bar fully charged and you want to focus on him/ her, but the sharing damage is such a pain the neck. :sweat_smile:

However, I have to say that he was part of my team in the last stage of Valhalla in hard mode.

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Wilbur makes me win a 4stars mats every months in monthly challenge. Thank you wilbur. I agree i dont use him in war and raids but defenetly i can’t say overrated

In defense of Noor… well, two defenses actually…

First off, she doesn’t fit into this particular thread, because most people think she’s garbage anyway. But I know your original post wasn’t meant to go into this thread, it got nabbed up by the merge police. :grin:

Second. My actual defense of Noor.

Is she a great 5* hero? No, she’s not. Mostly underwhelming compared to other HotMs, I will admit. And I wouldn’t put her on my defense team, because as you said, that would just be asking to get raided (and the fact that her minion removal doesn’t even work on Telluria, yeah, that was insult to injury for her).

However… for a player like me who doesn’t have many “special” heroes… I have found her to be somewhat useful in backup war teams. Her minions help my team survive a bit longer than it would have without her, and they actually do hit pretty hard for minions. She’s handy to have in a close fight where both teams are on the verge of death - on more than one occasion, her birdies have saved my bacon at the last second.

Does she still need improvement? Yes, I think so. Either faster mana or some direct damage or something would be a welcome buff. But is she complete garbage? Only if you already have most of the best heroes in the game. For a F2P / C2P with less than impressive rosters, she has her uses (limited though they may be).


See also

For places to defend underated heroes

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Am aware of that thread, but I’m also aware of the “defending Noor” main thread, and I believe @Homaclese is better suited to argue her case than I am, as my Noor is only at level 75 currently and I only use her twice a week on war teams. :slightly_smiling_face:

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