Heroes that Everyone Likes that *YOU* know are Overrated 👎

Yes I loved my lianna and marj when I got them but now with all the other heroes that do so much more… I can’t one shot anything and they don’t do anything else, at least dispel or mana drain or something if you’re not going to hit harder than a partially cooked noodle.


I was going to add the thought that some folks might be holding on to how good Gravemaker was amongst the pool of heroes before emblems and costumes. (but like many posts, I write it and don’t hit post)

Subsequent releases have made counters to GM that are faster than Rigard and fairly obtainable if you consider them as a pool:

boosting Rigard’s mana via emblem and costume
Costume Sonya or Caedmon
Guardian Kong got a cleanse in an update
Taunt heroes like QoH, BK

Just a thought of mine, though. GM was a terror for a long time. The big fish in a much smaller pond of heroes.


I use Wilbur or Aegir every day*

*vs Titans, that’s it.

I do find Cos_Kadilen emblemed up to be annoying. Not game-breakingly (is that a thing?) so, but annoying enough that I want her dead before she pops.

I’ll second that. I almost never use the guy after embleming him so heavily. (I don’t have that many good monks, though, so…) In raids, he just ensures that your snipers are useless, and usually, your AoEs can’t charge in time to synergize. Gormek forever!

GM used to be super scary, but after C. Sonya, he’s a snooze. My blue squad is getting better all the time, so mono blue usually brings him down, and if not, C. Sonya is usually ready to neutralize him.


I was stoked when I got GM and leveled him immediately and emblemed him up to 20.

Now…he’s my fourth favorite red hero on my team behind Gefjon, Cos_Marj and Garnet. I still use him every day in my red stack but the shine has worn off.

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As you command.

The Bizzaro World version of this thread

@gobucks782 come throw Shade(reave) here…

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C.Kadelin is AWFUL to face on defense, IMO, but very meh on offense. I’m at 2600 anyway, I don’t see much need for her on my team but cannot stand facing her. And completely agree with Wibur. Stripped his emblems after just finding him not all that great. He’s OK, I guess.

I’m going with Finley. If you use a team that debuffs instead of buffs, he’s basically an average sniper at best. I find him to be tough, but completely overrated.

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The classic snipers are awesome if you can pair them with an elemental debuff, BTW. Evelyn followed by Lianna is about 1300 HP on damage. Same goes for Panther followed by Sartana.

Oh that’s why I never get multiple hits from Finley :joy: another reason to leave Rigard at 1/1. I’m much more scared of Sir Roostley than Finley.

Heresy here, but I’m gonna pick Alberich. I’ve had him from the first month he was available in the Atlantis portal. Used him like crazy when I first had him. Nowadays? Nope. Can’t even remember the last time I used him. Even when we face blue tanks in alliance wars he doesn’t make my second mono green team. He’s my least used 5* hero, taking the title away from Obakan or Leonidas.

And when I see him on defense all I see is a big green target. Sure, he can ruin your day sometimes…I get it. Just no longer in awe of him like I once was.

I guess you can lump Mother North (who I don’t have) into this. Not Heimdall though…he rocks.

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That is spot on. Preach brother!

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Alberich and MN are an absolute terror on flank during very fast wars. They’re practically a cheat code. Otherwise, yes, agreed. They don’t really worry me anymore.


How can she be the best tank in the game?
She summon butterflies.



I don’t have him so I don’t know about all that. I hate facing him but… he’s super dreamy so I do have him as my avatar :speak_no_evil:





If you like Kvasir (the best 3* in the game) then you gotta love Bera! If you run minions Bera is gonna spank you. If you don’t then she’s a yawn fest.

Gotta love pokemon logic.



Great subject Bard, and thanks for the inspiration @Shunt.

Now I preface this by saying this along with my +20Mitsuko and +19Frigg, I use this hero most in raids and farming.

So my soon to be +20 Skadi is AMAZING, that frost damage and mana reduction stack can win an unbeatable raid for you…but… I have full attack on the talent grid and she is specifically there to ruin minion makers. Knowing that, sometimes I fire her off against Freya minions or Bera butterflies and the minions can take the hit with none of them dying. In order to know I’ll kill some I have to bring C-Rig, C-Kiril or BT to fire to ensure some of those minions croak. Can’t fire a Frigg first, she’ll off most of the minions before Skadi gets the stack.

Like most relationships, I absolutely love my partner Skadi. But sometimes DAMN she’s trying.



Just breathe on her, and she is falling apart. Bring on Guardian Kong (well, help him with some mana influencers) and another two reds, and she is done.

Telluria? Even before her nerf, I was positively seeking her out for raids. Grazul loved to block her mana slow, and is now complaining all the time that life is boring.


You just shush yourself, Elpis!! (JK, of course) Bera is the queen! Those butterflies are monster meat-shields. IRL the things must be Mothra-sized to take the damage they do. I’d max 20 Bera’s if I could!

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