Heroes that Everyone Likes that *YOU* know are Overrated 👎

I remember he used to be a tough tank for my first alliance and me when I began to play two years ago. Now he’s one of my favourite victims, as I’m lucky to have some 5* dispellers and the thief Hatter.


This might be the problem, however I use him with Clarissa on an attack team and just watch the other team melt. I have an alliance mate who hates this setup I run because it gives the other team time to heal and make a comeback.

Different strokes for different folks I guess,


Completely agree. Depending on the rooster, some unpopular heroes could have better synergies rather than the most popular/ favourite/ used ones.


Stop being reasonable.

That’s off topic.

We’re here to kick people in the shins


I can’t wait to hear your take on the new S4 hero who’s special is literally digging a hole and jumping in it for 3 turns :joy::joy::joy:

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I’ll add another to this list, and it’s Shadereave! This guy is completely underrated. he adds 30% and 30% crit to every hero! This is amazing especially in a red stack or a 3-2 red. Your tile damage will go through the roof just by adding this guy. Plus if you die you get reborn to fight a little longer to finish off the team. He is a must in red stacks.

Add Guardian Chameleon to this list as well. He really shines in tournaments with no purple or yellow. bring him with whatever color is allowed (purple or yellow) and watch the other team melt under your color changing powers, and add 54% attack and 36% crit! dude is a powerhouse!

I’ll thumb wrestle anyone until my thumb cramps up if they disagree!

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I think Toxicandra is too overrated. Her special skill is very nice but her heal is only 24%, I’d rather use Rigard-C or Melendor-C, they are easier to get and cheaper to emblem.
On defense she’s too passive, I faced a team with her in the tank spot and that was an easy win.

Well… I regret having removed the barbaric emblems from Azlar to give them to Gravemaker!!!
Why did I waist in vain a reset token and resources!?:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :scream::scream:

Regarding Lord Loki, why can’t you choose an enemy and use his/ her ability against another one? Why can’t you copy an ability of an ally? Why can’t you copy the strength leven of the enemy ability? WHY? WHY? WHY?

PS: I can’t be unreasonable. My mind is too logical.:sweat_smile:


Cough @Shunt cough


Hey I’m not responsible for stopping the world from drinking the CRig kool-aid. I just stand back and block his cleanse and attack boost with CSabina….


Close, but you’re way off.

This is for heroes that everyone likes that you think are chocolate teapots.

So, observe

This guy is a drudge. He turns up late to the party and tries to prop up incapacitated drinkers. How about instead of trying to time your heroes dying so this guy can feel validated, we all just take someone who keeps them alive in the first place.

If I’m feeling a bit under the weather, I want a doctor, not an undertaker.

@Kikyo , did I see you lurking down there? Pull up a stool and have a cold one :beer:

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So the moderator is asking for a new thread for the converse situation? Feels a little left Twix/right Twix…

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Its been a long day and I’m tired. Also Krampus sucks, i can completely stop him with Zeline and Bera…

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I’m lucky enough to have mitsuko+20. It’s a pleasure to see Finley Shooting himself in the foot!

I never had an issue with him.


Go for it.

I’m happy to stick up for Shadereave too

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The snipers, specially the classic bunch. They are pretty ok in PVP because they can one shot other heroes but outside that they dont add too much to the mix. A strong hit that is not enough to take those high hp minion or bosses and sometimes (not marj case) a high attk stat to contribute to the tile damage.

They dont heal, dont offer weaves control(atk down or def down) dont offer team support…and they are not particularly good on titans with the exception of Joon and his blind.


Yes I loved my lianna and marj when I got them but now with all the other heroes that do so much more… I can’t one shot anything and they don’t do anything else, at least dispel or mana drain or something if you’re not going to hit harder than a partially cooked noodle.


I was going to add the thought that some folks might be holding on to how good Gravemaker was amongst the pool of heroes before emblems and costumes. (but like many posts, I write it and don’t hit post)

Subsequent releases have made counters to GM that are faster than Rigard and fairly obtainable if you consider them as a pool:

boosting Rigard’s mana via emblem and costume
Costume Sonya or Caedmon
Guardian Kong got a cleanse in an update
Taunt heroes like QoH, BK

Just a thought of mine, though. GM was a terror for a long time. The big fish in a much smaller pond of heroes.


I use Wilbur or Aegir every day*

*vs Titans, that’s it.

I do find Cos_Kadilen emblemed up to be annoying. Not game-breakingly (is that a thing?) so, but annoying enough that I want her dead before she pops.

I’ll second that. I almost never use the guy after embleming him so heavily. (I don’t have that many good monks, though, so…) In raids, he just ensures that your snipers are useless, and usually, your AoEs can’t charge in time to synergize. Gormek forever!

GM used to be super scary, but after C. Sonya, he’s a snooze. My blue squad is getting better all the time, so mono blue usually brings him down, and if not, C. Sonya is usually ready to neutralize him.


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