Heroes that are hard to kill in the corner

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Apart from MLF, what heroes are notoriously difficult to kill or are annoying in the corner or wing of a defence team?

List of these heroes I have seen mentioned from memory are:

  1. Morgan Le Fey
  2. Elkanen
  3. Zimkitha
  4. Mother North.

Any other candidates?



I have one, it can make peoples rage in war with this stupid field aid: Rigard


Yes of course how could I forget, he is pretty annoying!

Almost any strong healer/resser. Alby, Kiril, and Ariel can he dangerous too


The thing is I’m not too terrified of Delilah or Vivica in the corner.

Maybe with Delilah it’s because she doesn’t heal as much (although this is not quite true because of her minions) or cleanse like Rigard does.

Viv is just slow and not as tanky or shocking as Mother.

I guess for eg Viv or Del it depends to an extent on the other heroes present in the team.

In field aid wars, Leonidas can be a Royal pain


I can say without hesitation :
MOTHER (removed F word) NORTH!! :angry:

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Elk and Zim in a corner…who cares.

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I don’t really find healers in the corner that threatening myself outside of war boosts. Mother North and Alberich excluded… those are definitely dangerous.

Once sand empire comes again, and some here get the seasonal heroes, it’ll be easier for them to deal with healers in the corners.

I use Gretel or Chao when there’s a healer left in the corner during wars. They lock up their skill and they can’t do anything, very useful.

Morgan is probably #1 for most difficult to defeat in the corner.

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Madre Del Norte with emblems puts the “FU” in FUN…


Sartana is a pain on corner position, but with field aid the worst hero absolutely is Morgan Le Fay.

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Thoth in the corner can be a problem. Fast mana, 20% HP minion, and he’s firing at you, too.


Seshat is going to be frustrating as well if she stays as is.

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I raged to face Hell in the corner. It depends upon the other hero cards on the opposition defence. But she is real pain for me in the corner. :blush:

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In my opinion I think Li Xiu is a very annoying hero in the corners.


So, corner heroes are only hit with 2 columns of tiles, and AoE and 3-hitters are not very effective against them because they can only hit 1 target.

The downside of corner hero is that 5 columns are available for ghosting, so the attacker can easily spam special attacks. But the corner heroes are usually only problem when attacker doesn’t have good damagers left and probably has only healers/buffers, so those specials usually don’t do damage.

So, in order to be effective, corner heroes should have:

  1. Average mana or faster.
  2. Self-healing/minions
  3. Defense/elemental defence
  4. Good special and/or tile damage.
  5. Delay mana generation for enemies.

I’m omitting Mother North/Alberich here because their role is not to survive in the corner, but to resurrect entire team, so once they’re succeeded, they’re no longer the only heroes left in the corner.

So, apart from MLF (who fits almost perfectly) good candidates are heroes from second elemental link HotM (Zimkitha, Evelyn, Khiona, Onatel), because their elemental link heals them over time.

Vampiric-like heroes are also effective (Anzogh, Elkanen, Leonidas). Musashi isn’t very effective though.
Victor can be good though if attacker only has healers left.

Healers (especially heal over time): Ares, Tarlak, Rumpel, Ariel, Delilah, Guin, Red Hood. For 4* - Rigard, Kashhrek.

Minions: Thoth-amun

Good special damage with fast/very fast mana: Kage, GM, Obakan

Mana delayers: Mitsuko. 4*: Li Xiu

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Just a small question: you only mention Rigard, but not Sabina. Is she worse than Rigard in your opinion, or are they equal?

Sabina has lower defense, and her ability doesn’t help herself much. This can be corrected with emblems though. Rigard can heal DOT and defense debuffs and is sturdier. So Sabina and Melendor are only good in the corner if they have emblems.

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Thank you for the answer. I use Sabina in one corner (got Rigard just some weeks ago) and Zimkitha in the other corner. This works properly together. But your point is right, without Zimkitha Sabina would do worse.

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Of course if you have snipers still alive no problem lol.

What @Damirius said :slight_smile:

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