Heroes' strength needs to be rethought

Please rework the strength values of heroes.
It is not useful that a nearly unleveled 5* hero is equal to a full leveled 3*



I also hardly consider “nearly unleveled” at 1/32.

There is supposed to be a large gap in strength, otherwise you would see even more people complaining that 5* are worthless. 3* can be leveled without unfarmable materials. It’s a pretty good deal when you are just starting out.

There is a 5* that is barely above a 4* fully maxed. THAT is a problem (Thorne versus Sonya). And Sonya is (arguably) more useful than Thorne due to her debuff.

SGG recently did revamp the Power rating of each hero; this was discussed extensively with the player base. The changes lowered the value of unleveled 4* and 5* but increased their rate of acceleration, so the end up close to their original Power values at max.

I doubt we’ll see a revision to that revision.

In your specific example, I don’t think those heroes are that far from each other in effectiveness. By the way, are you feeding Isarnia only blue tiles? I’m surprised her special is only at 2/8.


I think the OP was discussing the stats, such as the attack strength.
I interpreted that they were not happy the 3* they fully leveled was nearly eclipsed by a tier 1 5*

Correct, I do not have six fully leveled teams for alliance war yet. And I rather take bane in my 5th oder 6th team instead of Isarnia due to his better stats. And it bothers me that the strength of a hero is not a reliable source to choose the team in this state of time - in my opinion.
I understand that strength is increasing more when leveling a 5*.

(I am currently not planning to level Isarnia due to more interesting heroes in my roster, just took her as example. That’s why the level of skills may not be higher)

Then dont look at the “Power stat”.

Select your heros based on your opposition, hero special skills and their individual stats.

I get why it feels like a missleading and useless stat. And it is. There are just so many other more important things for SGG to work on thsn another revamp of this.

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