Heroes still use Special at 0 HP

This happens way too often and is frustrating because if is a 1v1 situation and enemy special kills my last standing hero I will lose that match. If is 1v2 and managed to kill one and my other hero is alive the enemy hero will die after the special was used.
Saw this happen more often in alliance wars.

Totally don’t get what are you trying to convey.

Let’s say I’m in a 1v1 situation in a raid of alliance war , whatever. The oppnent hero has 100 HP left and mine is also low HP. My tiles do exactly 100 damge to him but also charges him up. He will use his special on my hero, my hero dies and I lose the match even if the opponent hero had 0 HP.
And no, I am not talking about fighter talent, that is different.

Ahh… Okay, let me paint you another scenario. You have a hero of 100HP, and opponent last man standing is Boril with his Riposte activated.

Now when you hit Boril, what will happen?

What is this, trivia? And to answer to your question, it will reflect the damge back.

I never said anything about buffs or anything on the target or my hero. Last time when it happened the enemy hero had Elkanen, without any buffs, or debuffs applied to me or him.

Unless you are QC/QA or a Dev whatever, try to keep the post clear, please.

Without screenshot we do not know sure what happen.
Maybe Elkanen has minion in there?

The forum is designed for player to player interaction, so any feedback you get will be from players and the chances of staff replying is low. If you think it’s a genuine bug and want a staff response submit a support ticket.

Ideally for bugs screenshots and/or videos allow others to see what you’re describing and whether there might be obscure interactions you might not have noticed or known about.

Could it be DoT (fire, poison etc) or bleed damage that killed the hero? These take place at the end of their turn, so after any specials.

You always have the first turn and the enemy has the last, even if all of your allies will be already dead.

The issue could be that Elk healed up from zero and then triggered his special.

I don’t know if it is intended or an unwanted result of the mechanic.

also happened with other heroes is just that Elk case is the latest. Is very hard to actually catch them up because is a very timed specific issue and can only be tested in a more controlled environment (which I don’t have access of). But as soon as i get it again I will come back with video/picture. Hopefully until then the thread will stay open.

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What I’m saying is, when you hit Boril with that, riposte is in effect, Boril dies and you still lose. I’d put this the same scenario with what you’re facing.

Don’t have to be snide.

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