Heroes & stats / Please publish official tables

If you are like me and you want to compare your heroes and plan ahead which hero should be trained next or is better for defense than some other heroes, it’s a lot of work to collect all the stats of heroes by swiping through the pages of the summoning gate. And there are a lot of heroes missing from special events etc., too.

I know there are players who try to keep their lists up to date like Pois1 does here, but after every little hotfix or update, these people have to check the stats by hand and one by one again.

So please, just publish the basic stats in form of a table here in the forum or wiki. Once a month would be great, too. Thank you!

Released heroes are rarely changed after updates, so no worry if the game updates or so
There are some websites will help you plan and compare as well
For me i use https://enphero.com/ to fast compare heroes
And titanmafia.com
@Razor can help you on that website if you need anything in the website

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