Heroes Special skills upgrade difficulty

Anyone else noticed that it became harder?
Now I have like 4/8 ,5/8 skills on maxed 3* …
What is going on here…:scream:

P.s. less and less Moto to play🥺

Getting cs at 8/8 before 50/3 has never been automatic since beginning of the game. I have often seen 5* cs at 8/8 before 60/2 but for 3* it’s very common a cs at 5/8, 6/8 a 50/3. For costume I don’t remember a single 3* that got its cs full at 50/3. Even 4* costume has not always completed.

So don’t panic :slight_smile:
When ascending 3* I always go with TC19 so I ascend them only with 1*, it reduces % of cs improvment but most of the time I’m getting better results.

When u cap the hero the % goes up If you haven’t capped their special,so it they are maxed just use 10 2 stars and it will give 100% every go

Actually, a 2* of color is worth 20%, and a 1* of color is worth 10%, so any combination of these that total 100% will upgrade the special skill.


I stopped playing a bit ago so wasn’t for sure on the exact numbers but I do remember them putting that change in the game

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