Heroes special skill problem


Hello all. I have a problem when fighting. I have a team in which there are Bold, Kailani and Brienne. When I activate all 3 special skill, only 2 remain and one disappear. Is the disappeared one still active or not ? Should I not activate 3 special at same time ?
Shouldn’t I take these 3 heroes in a team ?


Bold and Brienne’s power buffs do not stack. Whichever one you use last replaces the first.


Thanks. I noticed that. What about bold and kiril together. Haven’t tried both


They won’t add together, their attack buffs will overwrite each other. So if you trigger kiril first, then bold you will get +30% def and +48% atk


The only attack buffs that combine are WuKong’s Gamblers Stance, which stacks with any 1 other attack buff. Attack buffs from other hero skills, or from Bear Banner and Dragon Banner do not stack with each other, but do still stack with WuKong.


Thanks enough for clearing that . Wu is very very needed in my squad. I’ll have a complete team for any battle