Heroes' special power level up not working

For some time, after the last update, i level up my heroes ( with 10 heroes of the same color) but i can’t get a special power level up. Of course i have approximately 30 percent chance, but i must have done that more than 15 times with different heroes, but i couldn’t get a single level up. i think there s something wrong with this and needs to be fixed. i am sending pics of two heroes, whose special powers leveled up only by ascencion.

some heroes do that… With danza I’d start only feeding 1s until the level comes up. Consolation however is once any hero is at max ascention, 10x1 or 5×2* = 100% chance of the special levelling up.


I have the same problem with Sumitomo :frowning:

See above haha… 20 chars

This is my second level up for Skittleskull today; both is 28 percent, and special power not improved. Please believe in me, no special power improved for two weeks. There is something wrong!!!empires

Had the same and then two in a row. So never mind. None of my 4 and 5 ended with non maxed special. Keep in mind, that last tier needs as many feeders as all others together. As always a lot of patience will be wise.


See my post above. This is normal.

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I had Tiburtus at 3-16 and the special was a 3. Boy was I worried. But by the time he was fully leveled he was at 8. It happens sometimes that some heroes are slow to level up. It does eventually even out.


Well, i am worried, it is not possibility, none of my heroes special power improved for a period of time, never been that way. There is something wrong here.

Still not improved… i always level up with 10 heroes of the same color btw…

Ok at last i got one level up for danza and one for Scarlett. Man, i was afraid. Case closed.

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teve ter sofirdo, mas na mesma cor para alimentar uso no somente tres estrelas que são chatos, 4 e 5 estrelas normalmente comem de tudo, e muito… todos ficam full

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