Heroes special abilities working against each other


I have boldtusk, 4th ascension, level 24 who gives me an attack bonus of 48%. I also have brienne, fully ascended and leveled who gives me an attack bonus of 39%. so theoretically, with both abilities being used together I should get an attack bonus of 87%. but since the last update what is happening is whichever one I use first is cancelled by using the second one, as in it is no longer in use. I updated on 6th September. I am in western Australia.


Unfortunately, that is exactly how they have designed the game. If you have two Heroes that both use a special type that is the same, whichever one you activated last, overrides the first. It makes no sense whatsoever but it is the way they have it set up. The only way you can stack damage is by having items and heroes that have completely different types of damage Buffs.


Prior to this last update Brienne would stack with everything. This wasn’t intended, and has been on the fix list for a little while. I think all buffs stack correctly now, except there may be a problem with one of the new event heroes. It was found after the Small Giant team left for the weekend I believe.


So is wu meant to stack you think?


I looks like they figured a way to split the different aspects of a special skill now. I would have expected him to go down this past update with Athena and Brienne if he wasn’t supposed to have his attack buff stack. I’ll pop the question up in the moderator thread and see if I can get something definite.


Any news? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, I heard back from RubiKinga yesterday. Wu Kong will continue to stack. There shouldn’t be any changes to him unless they see that it makes the game unbalanced. And personally, I don’t think there’s too much worry there. He’s not a hero that you see people using all the time because he’s so amazing, which is usually a tip off for nerf potential.


Cool. Good info.

I agree it is not obvious that he is over powered. It is on the other hand hard to know how often he is used since he is mainly used as an attacker and I never get to see the attacking teams. Devs knows obviously so no big problem. He was of course very good to have in the last event, I think I was only one in top 10 intermediate who didn’t have him, but I don’t think standing out in a niche situation means you are over powered.

I do wonder a bit about last changes to the effect of lowered accuracy. As I understand it, when affected by gamlers stance, a hit does tons of damage which is of course great, a miss instead does no damage but gives mana to the attacker but not the defender which is actually also a great result (talking about the attack with tiles).

Doesn’t this together with that both the lowered accuracy and the buffed damage stack risk making him unbalanced?

Anyway, I am sort of torn between, on one side, wanting all specials to “make sense” in having the same mechanic so you always know what buffed damage does and not having to know which hero that cast the spell, and on the other side the need for heroes to stand out and be as different as possible to make the gaming experience more enjoyable.


Wu kong and Brienne was in the same “family” of special, but Brienne got nerfed and Wu Kong not because Brienne was over powered? Guys, c’mon.

Ok ok, now i give up before Wu Kong gets nerfed too.


Does wu kong special works like Blind? It is a different effect. It doesn’t necessarily get the same changes the blinds get.


No it is the same. The active effect is lowered accuracy in both.


Yeah, but is the secondary effect, “misses grant attacker mana” the same as for Hu Tao?


As I understand it is now how a “miss” works. Doesn’t matter which hero made your accuracy low enough to miss I think. I’m sorry, I don’t have Wu myself so need someone else to confirm.


I think Brienne was nerfed because her power positively stacked all the time; there was no negative, like there potentially is with Wu Kong.

Brienne was my favorite hero to use against Titans, especially since I didn’t have Athena. She’s not my favorite anymore. Nerf accomplished. :expressionless:


between the stack with anything and the magnitude of her buff she was overpowered for a 3*. Her only weakness was her health. And I still had people in my alliance playing with her when their other heroes are 4 & 5 stars.


I still say they should have turned her into a 4* then. I want my un-nerfed Brienne! sob :laughing:


… I guess we could have ‘paid’ the ascension mats. I would have! Honestly, I’d do that even without the stacking.


I maxed her before the nerf. Ah well! :smile:


The real problem is not that they eliminated the stack, but that they reduced her buff.
I think the only place people used her over a hugher hero was titans.


I used her on everything, but I’m boring.