Heroes sorted by class ignoring costumes

The more emblems available, the more heroes get them! When you try to find out who already got emblems of a certain class and who would be a good target, the heroes-sorted-by-class-feature comes in!

My problem is: Being a player with many costumes, it is annoying that there is no feature to just sort the heroes based on their original form. Very few players will sort that way because they want to find out which heroes can be used in class quests. The most common reason to sort by class is that you want to manage your emblems.

So I think it would be better to sort their heroes based on their original version. At least introduce either an additional sort function or something like a toggle “original heroes - costumed heroes”!

When sorting by class, it sorts the costumes hero into the costume class. I’m not sure about others, but I sort by class to look at how to distribute emblems and costumes use them based class emblems. Due to this, there sort by class feature should sort by the base class emblems, not the costume, even if there costume is equipped. At least this should be an option

Perhaps this should be more of a feature request and there could be a sort by Emblems. Each hero sorted into what emblems they use first and within each group sort by emblems given first then by power for non-emblemed heroes

I find in-game sorting to be pretty useless overall. I’ve given up hoping for improvements and use heroplan to sort in useful ways.

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