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So have you experienced Heroes skills not working correctly? I Have! During raids, sometimes I fire Sonya’s special & all the enemy heroes aren’t affected. I’ve had enemy Heroes that still have counter-attack functioning following the debuff. But today, wow! I’m in a War battle & the enemy has the Guardian Panther. It fired & killed my hero on the right wing. But also brought my 2 heroes on left wing & left flank to near death. It cost me the Victory. I never complained when it was only a raid occurrence & only affected me. But now my team has lost those very valuable points. This must not continue!


There are tons of heroes with very interesting specials. SO you have to give us very specific details about each battle and then we can try to decipher the situation. For example, if Sonya is blinded by a yellow hero then her debuff won’t work on all the heroes. So it all depends on case to case basis and what heroes you were using and what heroes you were facing. A screenshot and video also helps. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response. I may have learned something there, at least in regards to Sonya’s debuff. But what would explain Guardian Panther being able to damage a Hero all the way on the right wing & also 2 heroes left of the Tank? Her special is only damage to the target & NEARBY enemies.

I do appreciate any help you can provide


If you had shared damage from a hero like Wilbur or Aegir applies this could explain it.

For example, let’s say your left wing, right flank and right wing are all severely damaged. If Panther hits your very healthy left flank, tank and your wounded left wing, that would normally cause a lot of damage to those 3 heroes. Instead, that damage is spread out to all heroes evenly. Since the example has a severely wounded left wing, right flank and right wing, that damage may be enough to kill them all.


Thank you. And I have to apologize that I didn’t state the Heroes I was using. I’m unfamiliar with this format of resolution. But I’m learning. The heroes I was using from left to right are Ranvir, Kimkitha, Rigard, Triton, Caedmon. So when Caedmon was struck & killed, I was shocked to see damage occur to the two heroes over on the left. No shared damage Heroes. The only other logical explanation I can imagine is that after Guardian Panther’s Special went off, very quickly two small hits were received from two other Heroes. I’ve been playing long enough that I think I’d have noticed that, but it’s all I’m able to offer as possible with what I know. But I believe this wasn’t the case either because those two Heroes on the left had 3/4 of their HP. If the damage received was from this type of small hit, the damage would not have been that severe. Also, all the heroes I mentioned in my lineup are fully leveled & ascended. Triton being the only one with emblems (level 7). It has to have been a glitch of some nature.

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But did your opponent have a shared damage hero? That would actually make more sense as you may have received a defense down as well.

Perhaps adding the lineup of your opponent (or even better - a screenshot of their defense) would be helpful.


Thank you for your persistence in trying to teach me what may have happened. This means a lot to me. I’ve heard some say they don’t believe in SGG support. I’m saying already that I’m very satisfied. So I’ve attached a screenshot of the team it occurred against earlier today. Hope something here will be helpful.

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@VengefulOne - I’ll start by clarifying… no one posting in this thread works for SG. We are all players like you. Many of us have played for quite a while, have played with or against most of the heroes in the game, and just genuinely like to help other players :relaxed: I am glad that you appreciate the help you’ve been given. Since we can’t see the actual battle/board, sometimes the back and forth can get frustrating.

Thank-you for sharing the screenshot of the team you were fighting. I was hoping someone would be able to identify the reason for the scenario you described. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing any opponents that would account for 3 of your heroes being killed with 1 hit.

I do see a Boldtusk. Perhaps his +48% attack boost had something to do with it. It’s also possible that another of your opponents heroes fired on the same round as Panther. Some heroes special skill animations are more visible than others or can overshadow those of another.

At this point I’m at a loss. :unamused: Without a video of the battle we may never know what happened. Typically I would suggest submitting a help ticket, but without the video they likely won’t be able to tell anything either. Hopefully someone can see something I missed…

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Thank you for your clarification. That does explain why I’m receiving different people’s assistance rather than 1 person assigned by SGG to resolve an issue. Anyway, I think you must be right. In the end, I must have not seen something in a blink. I am going to be more attentive to the process for resolution. But does everyone record every battle? I mean, you never know when an odd occurrence will happen, so in order to have a video you’d have to literally record every battle. I don’t know about anyone else, but I know that would Absolutely take the fun out of any game for me.

Thanks anyway fellow Empire Rulers!

Know you’re appreciated for your kindness in attempting to help.


I personally don’t record battles unless I’m looking for something specific, I know my opponent and want to share the raid video with them, or an making a video to share with my alliance mates. I do know there are others that record much, much more than I do :laughing: These players are typically looking for an issue or collecting data for a specific question.

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