Heroes Skills Guide by Nynaeve

Thx this is vey useful !

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Debuffers (ATK) added.

Wonderful guide reference. Keep it up!

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Debuffer (DEF), including elemental defense down, added

Board Alterers added.

Special Skills Blockers added.

Malosi, doesn´t block special skills, he only prevents status effects, so I think he fits better in the immunity skills category instead?

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exact @Gargon !
I update the two docs ASAP !

Thx ^^

Original post updated :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bypassers added.

Health Boosters added.

Think you’re missing damage reduction? Russula and sif?
Also damage from status buffs- elradir, gullinbursti, russula, hippo, queen guowang

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@Tidyup : I do things out of order, you’re right :sweat_smile:

I note not to forget the ones you mentioned, thanx for your help ^^

Nice helpful and easy to read, thank you @Nynaeve_alMeara !

I read the Wheel of Time too, and Nynaeve is one of my favourites :wink:


Thank U @sleepyhead ^^

Yep, I love Nynaeve for a while now, the saga is excellent !


Original post updated with the latest costumes :

Lianna-C2 Kadilen-C2 Gormek-C2

Skittleskull-C2 Rigard-C2 Cyprian-C2


I am not seeing C2 Kadlien at Dodgers.

oops, forgot to add it :sweat_smile: it’s done now

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Element Link added.


Thanks, your work is useful and appreciated! Just something to be careful about - you are not allowed to share images with heroes not yet released outside beta. Better delete the the upcoming HoTM