Heroes should change appearance with ascension

It will give some life to the game to see changes when the hero ascends. Getting a new/refined weapon and better/polished armor.

Strange to look just the same, all the way.

All the efforts put into ascension will yield good results and better looks would be awesome!

In good animes the protagonist wears the same dress throughout the season.

If we would not be the same as the pokemon.


There Does see m to be a minimalist design for characters. Perhaps stripping down the design initially or taking the beefed up version and parting out layers of year to at least make it APPEAR that something significant is going on would help alleviate the doldrums of same sameness all the time. ALSO, can we get some different, character appropriate sounds for enemy attacks. Humans shouldn’t be snarling the same as tucans. Just feels really lazy.

It would be really nice to see a difference if you go to the gym every day for four months. If you dont, you either just go there without training, or you do something wrong… but the point is to see a difference that shows an upgrade from the start.

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