Heroes: pre-class vs now

This discussion is not about how your roster has changed; rather, I want opinions about whether or not this really is a whole new game.

IMHO there is not much difference in how heroes stack vs one another when you consider them as all +20. If Anchor were to revise his guide or Razor his, I wouldn’t forsee any great changes.

I will point out that there are 4*s that I believe will be better to use at +20 than raisex 5s, but, again, that is not for this thread.

Overall, I’m not sure it radically changes the relative usefulness of different heroes.

But I do think for some heroes it makes a more meaningful difference, since talents are sort of like an addition to the special skill, except instead of mana-charged they’re chance-based. And different specials certainly affect rankings and usefulness of a given hero.

I also think the stat boosts can balance out weaknesses or accentuate strengths, enough so to tip the scale in some cases.

So my guess is if you polled 1000 people on rankings for each hero with and without classes/talents, some would move around a bit. But I doubt any would jump from one end of the list to the other.


For me nothing has changed, cause none of my heroes is maxed :wink:
I’m just collecting emblems now and meeting some guys with class ups in raids.
Scary :joy:

I think Grimm just got a hell of a lot better than he already was. Whenever you see a mono blue team competing for epic category in events there’s multiple grimms. Up to 3 grimms. With his class, now he can do damage over time from tile damage additionally you can buff his already good attack stat up over 100 points. If somebody were able to max out a couple grimms I think they’d have a huge lead in certain events. Other abilities are less useful. Like the revive with 1 HP Ability. Useless for events. It doesn’t improve boldtusk or Colen in that sense. Their stats will still be raised a bit, but whatever.

This is not a “whole new game” but it is a whole new level on the game.

I strongly agree with @zephyr1 that some of the new class traits will prove more useful than others. Revive probably better than Companion, Evade is awesome…how will you kill Kageburado once maxed huge defense that evades 1/5 of the specials you send at him? Yes, DoT but he’ll still hammer you with high attack stat and very fast mana before melting away (yes, I want him to join my team. He refused in December).

I also believe that within each class some heroes benefit much more than others. Jinx for sorcerers clearly aids the damage dealers.

Therefore, this will shuffle the deck and we will see some different heroes emphasized. I expect major spending during the Sand Challenge as Yunan looks like a supreme tank (Uclapack already proved Yunan is excellent) Now with Revive. The TANK revives!! Two healers on defense will look better too, it’ll helps ensure Yunan is healed once revived.

For the average player it will change some of the top targets and reinforce others. Magni was great, now he is relatively greater. Sartana and Isarnia both looked good and now look better, for those that have few 5* either of those two will be brilliant, most players won’t have to choose one over the other.

4* Boldtusk is probably one of the most benefited, revive, heal and buff attack… brilliant. Glass cannon Scarlett has a better chance of living another turn with Evade, Rigard will be able to cleanse and heal more often with Manashield, Little John just became scarier with additional damage…
Poor Kasshrek and Kiril with Jinx…meh. They aren’t heavy hitters making them relative losers. Cyprian’s Protect, meh, higher defense means less damage received and therefore less damage reflected.

The major effect of the classes will be to make defensive team construction much more unique. Heroes’ rankings probably haven’t changed much, but players will make different choices regarding the combinations they want to put together.

It’d be nice if the developers would go ahead and buff some the heroes who’ve been long overdue for a rebalancing (Perseus, Thoth, Horghall, Elk, Justice, most of the Pirates, et. al) so that players don’t have to feel jilted by the legendary draws they’ve been lucky enough to make before they decide where to invest their emblems…

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