Heroes offer

Hello everyone,

After what happened to our Vietnamianes players ,the country decide to remove E&P from Androids & iOS App Store , I would like to make a proposal to E&P :

  • Offer heroes in the shop , make your price , I don’t want to lose my work in this game Vanished 😵‍💫

If you guys have same concerns like me , share your opinions .

Yes Please. Losing Vietnam must’ve hit pocket books, so many offers this weekend, even the double troop offer. Why not drop the casino draw, feature a $19 hero and make your game available for all again?


In this case SGG will must “Offer heroes in the shop” for others countries too. They make big amount of money exactly on gatcha (gambling) and will not change it

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Hmnnnn. My gut feeling is telling me it would be a bad precedence. I dunno.

I don’t know what the reason to Vietnam to ban E&P, but congrats on them! At least some have the guts to do something about this and protect their citizens against current new breed of mobile casinos disguised of Games… Hope that other more “impactful” markets had the guts to do the same and Play Store/Apple Store would be a safer place.


SG need to find another way to sell heroes in the shop

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