Heroes of the month

To give the chance for new players to find the OLD heroes of the month, I propose to reintroduce them every time a new hero of the month with the same color is added:
Hero of the month violet:
Add the new hero and give a chance to find Hell too.

Hero of the month blu:
Add the new hero and give a chance to find Athena too.

This will encourage the new players! Maybe will be good give to old players that have the old hero of the month only the chance to find the new one so that proposal does not hurt the old players.


It would be easier if they would be available at lvl 20 training camp chance of legendary.


They are called “Hero of the month” for a reason: They are only available in this special month!
The players who got them would be certainly upset, if everyone would get Ares and Hel and the others.

The chance to find a Legendary Hero with the training Camp i know its under 5%.

What are the chances at lvl 13 epic?

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As someone who has a couple hero of the months, I definitely wouldn’t feel cheated or anything if they brought them back in some capacity every so often :slight_smile: It is a limited time hero and they should maintain that special quality but that doesn’t mean a second shot at them ruins it. They could have like a weekend throwback full of special heroes from the bunnies, to the pirates, to the hero of the months or bring them back as you said thrown in with their color when the month is up. Either way I don’t think it really lessens the special to them.


Nope, i would prefer new ones.
Even better, if the guys who don’t pick the previous ones feel damaged somehow. But new heroes every time change balance and strategy every time so i feel like it’s more “dynamic” this way.


I feel bad for the players just starting the game that will never get a chance at the older hero of the month. Surely there is a way to allow players to access them.


Guess there will be rotation of heroes of the month…It’s kinda bit difficult to produce a new heroes…

Wif - I feel the same. I started playing after the rabbits, hel, and came in at the tail end of Athena as a new player. No way was I spending money never having played the game and no way did I have enough gems for a summon (knowing what I know now I would have bought the starter pack). Seeing how awesome those two cards are (I have Ares, hes ok, Musashi looks fine but I’m not sure I feel compelled to try for him as I would for Hel or Athena) I would love another shot.

But, as I mentioned somewhere else, the devs can just port that special, or something like it, to a new hero if they wanted to keep it somewhat exclusive. And I get if they never want to run the same hero of the month again.


Why would they be upset, thier avatar that they’ve got at whatever time would be ascended, or however more powerful by weeks of play & exp.

The mindset: Usually when money is spent (on rolls) to get a limited edition hero—limited only for a short time—someone might be miffed if suddenly anyone can now get it, and the money they spent was now “wasted”.

I rarely spend money but I understand the desire to acquire a limited hero from a special offer/time. I wish I could have an Athena, but I missed my window. No Athena for me.

I agree with this sentiment. Also, as a player who already has the HoTM from previous years, it gives me a month off from having to try for a new one.

Petri mentioned there would be future chances at old HOTM in his Shortlist post (second section).

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The question is why buy gems if its about lucky to get 5* cards ? Even spending its not fair when noobs players have it without spending .

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But new (noob?) players will not have ascension items to get heroes maxxed out. There’s still no substitute for grinding.

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similar point , more spend more unlucky u are.

get ascensiones items its only depends atte time u Play but if u starts with few free 5* ir 4* being low level u dont need buy nothing more only wieting . And who buy and not have locky fore those 4and 5* hotM not have to improov nothing anfter colect those ascending materiales .

I have seen it both ways:

  • “Lucky” and “Unlucky” F2P players (who do not get specific heroes) complain that those who pay can “just buy it all”.

  • “Lucky” and “Unlucky” P2W players (who do not get specific heroes) complain that F2P players can “just get it all for free”

The truth is elsewhere. Yes, lucky F2P and P2W can get specific heroes…whether those are the heroes they want might be a different matter, and thus the finger pointing and unhappiness go on.

But the reality is that SG has made a very balanced game with something for everyone. You can be successful either as F2P or P2W. It’s why I’m still here. :slight_smile:


Nice ponit viu im agree with u its shuldlbe in all the games like here hehe but no reason to buy if all can be gratis. And also no guaranty if one put money hehe . So in my case i really thinkg its full not lucky if we pay and be disaponting of summon no justice maybe becouse we wrong thinking its p2w yes or yes but after saw the forum now im littel more relaxed still want bay but if the acount its bad lucky so must stop ;). Thnx doing this game socia :hugs: :… before iused to sayd play to win in my aliance andnow its simply enjoy not stress hehe